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Welcome to the latest edition of. That's what she said was sarahspain. Today's guest Shays Serano from the ringer and other outlets love this conversation. He's somebody that just kept being around me around my circles and we would end up being tagged in the same tweets or people would say that I should go look at what he had done for some charity. And so I decided I needed to get to know him a little better. And I'm so glad I had him on. So I hope you enjoyed my conversation with shea Serano. That's what she said. Somebody on Twitter made fun of me for saying every single week on the podcast. I'm really excited for my guest, and the thing is I wouldn't have anyone on that. I wasn't excited for so Twitter person. Thank you for acknowledging that. I repeat myself often, and instead I'm going to say I'm enthused for my next guest because it's a different word, but it means the same thing and it's shea Serrano. He writes for the ringer, he's also written for grantland g. q. ESPN LA weekly Rolling Stone MTV vice. He's the author of two New York Times bestsellers, the rap yearbook and basketball and other things. And I was just telling him before we hit record that I was very shaved Serano adjacent. And after enough people messaged me on Twitter and would add him about everything from charitable giving to the WNBA to other things I realized that I needed to get to know this guy a little better. So thanks for making some time shea. I'm excited to try to get all of the many questions I have into this very short, forty, five minutes. We'll see if we can pull it off. Yeah, I wanna start at the beginning. So your San Antonio guy when you were a kid, what was what were you into? What did you think you were going to grow up and do. When I was a kid, I thought I was going to be the starting point guard for the Spurs is what I thought it was going to be. And and then like and pins grade I stopped growing and I was like, well, this is clearly nine to the workout. So then the trying to find other things there was a bit wet thought it was going to be the FBI because I read like a criminal profiling book that I thought was cool. And then CSI the TV show came out and I was like, know I wanna do that. I wanna wear sunglasses and take them off and say things. And so I went to, I went to college and like I went to the school about Sam Houston state, which is a criminal Justice like a the thing that they do, and they started taking criminal Justice classes. I would really didn't do it. And then one year, maybe like my second year there, I took a class where they showed us actual pictures of a crime scene. I remember the teacher was walking around or the professor, and she was dropping like Manila folders on everybody's death. And then she told us about open them and I opened them and. It was like the pictures of their bodies, and I was like, oh, no, this is not for me either. So that's what I thought it was going be. I thought was going to be a bunch of stuff that I ended up not being not considered the dead body part of the criminal investigating before the. It looks so much different on TV than it does in a picture. I can't even imagine what it looks like in real life, but in a picture, a real life is horrifying. Absolutely. I knew way before you that that would never work out for me based on not being able to kill ants without feeling bad. So. That would be the right spot. All right. So you graduate Sam, Houston state. Did you graduate? And did you get a degree in something? I got a degree in psychology. Maybe like after I saw those that body classes, I went to talk to my guidance counselor and told her like, this is not something else out, and we, we're talking about what parts of the of that job I thought were interesting that we ended up like, oh, you know what? You probably want to be like a counselor of some sort. All right..

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