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Special Valentine's addition of money and marriage streaming live to your home Friday, February 12th at 7 P.m.. And again, Dr John Baloney. Rachel Cruze. One thing for sure. If those two are speaking, there will be humor. Oh, they're going to have fun. The two of them are. They're just funny. We may have to be there to make sure they do what they need to do. You cover the material. We gotta hit the stuff. They just get to cutting up. But listen, you're gonna don't know anybody else. Who does that stuff? No, not you and I were straight laced. That's right. Stay with the business. Always. We never. We never stray Never, weekends with burning, but I'm twice, sir. Two or three times an hour. Here's the deal if you were part of Ramsey, Plus you better get on over there and reserve your seat because you get a chance to check it out for three. It's a part of your membership, man. Check it out How it works Date night. How it works. I love it. This is the Ramsay, chef. Que ta our news flash at 12 45. I'm Jeff money. Here's what you need to know. Right now. Arizona reaching a huge milestone for vaccines today, According to Governor Doug Ducey, the state is now administered more than one million doses of the Corona virus vaccine. This comes as a third state run vaccination site is expected open next week at the University of Arizona in Tucson. The impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The second impeachment trial is resumed.

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