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Sure you're covered Washington law has changed in starting Sunday motorcycle riders need to have and show proof of having liability insurance canton Brian with the north west insurance councils as many bikes are bigger now and they're heavier insurers and others and seen more damage that that is caused by motorcycles when they strike other vehicles and cause damage to property Brian can scenes in many of the car versus motorcycle accidents it's the car's driver that's at fault but when it is the bikers fault oftentimes injured parties can't collect so as of Sunday motorcycle riders must have the same minimum liability coverage that other drivers are required to happen Washington Brian Calvert colonias exterior sports says time mariners try to make it three in a row as they host the Detroit Tigers in game two of their four game series tonight after pasting the Tigers last night by score ten to two game feature of grand slam by Tim back I'm in some great pitching by way leblanc as he's you sick he could you will go to about for the mariners tonight to gain followed by a big a fireworks spectacular honoring hall of Famers Dave Niehaus Ken Griffey junior and Edgar Martinez Seattle reign of the national women's soccer league franchise will be playing Chicago at Cheney stadium on Sunday and it's a call to a World Cup homecoming celebration the two members of the U. S. women's national team that played for the reign FC I would make a repeat no and also her teammate Aly long will be honored as part of that big game Seahawks hitting the practice field again here in about fifteen minutes per day to a training camp sports attentive.

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