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The three fifty nine is sponsored by USB technology. The USB implementers forum reminds consumers that USB logos are displayed on certified USB products. So the next time you're shopping for reliable, USB charger, cable or device. Look for the logos get the whole story at enabling USB dot org. Welcome to the three fifty nine on Roger Chan I'm Ben FOX ribbon. I'm Alfred hang CNN is out with its review of the surface go and while it's decent casual computing device, our own debt Ackerman says that the supposedly affordable to in one isn't actually that cheap. It actually does start at three ninety nine which you know on on the surface haha is. Is a decent price, but then you tack on the keyboard cover which cost one hundred twenty nine dollars stylists, which is one hundred dollars and more ram, which is another one hundred fifty dollars. Then all of a sudden you've got pretty pricey device. Nice, try Microsoft, but you're not tricking me on this one. When I think when they first announced like, oh, that's a pretty good price. I'll probably get it. And then I saw a review of it where it was like, oh, if you actually want it to be the thing you know, says it is that's an extra like three hundred dollars. So yeah, it's actually more than three hundred dollars three hundred, which which means that like maybe at that point, you're in the market for surface pro, which is, you know, obviously more expensive. The thing the Dan mentions though is that the surface go is not particularly new concept from Microsoft's. There is a surface three from twenty fifteen, and that was also ten inch. So maybe it's better different. I don't know. Yeah, I don't have problems. I don't know what this competes against is pad pro competitors and competitor. Yeah, I think it's more pad competitor the case. Like I'd rather just got the ipad. Okay. That's you. You you Roger. Let's talk about t. mobile. I posted blowout numbers yesterday, particularly with phone subscriber growth. Once again, leading the industry in that metric before poorly. I got a chance to talk with CFO Braxton Carter who told me that they weren't expecting to raise prices for the dead plans anytime soon. Now that's important because we've seen over the last few weeks AT Reisen and sprint all either introduced new plans or new tears of plans that have been more expensive. So for for a while, now this has been like surf golden age for bargain seekers in the wireless world. But it seemed like this was going to change bellies t. Mobile's kind of holding steady and saying they're not raising prices and they're kind of the, they're the ones that changed everything up. They wanna keep getting in new costumers by, are they making a lot of money to like they're they've done well with getting customers, but is it showing on their bottom line? Yeah, they're so their profits were up your year of certain in particular service revenue, which is. A pretty key metric there that was also they're, they're basically growing by adding new customers. And that's basically what the CFO said was that they didn't want to sacrifice any kind of long-term gains for short-term bump of like getting more money out of customers in the near term. Can you tell us a bit about why they would want to merge with sprint? Ultimately, it's about spectrum and then sort of the the assets sprint has that they can use to expand their five g. network. They talked a lot about five g. yesterday and the combination of sprints assets with team Mobile's assets would give them a deeper, broader narrower. So wait, what's the catch though? Why aren't they increasing their prices? I, I don't think it's because they're very nice. No, it's not on nice. It's about customer growth. They think that if the keep the prices lower, they can keep customer growth going, which has been true. They've led the industry in customer growth for eighteen consecutive quarters. So. Working. They're still number three though, right? Near still number three. There varieties of in terms of the base there still pretty far off them for is eighteen. So they think there's a lot of runway to grow. Nice. Lastly, pop quiz, you tell me which was the best selling console in June. I mean, I'll just. Don't do it. You know, switch Nintendo switch with you. You're totally wrong. Shocking surprise don't believe it. It's the s. classic which was brought back at the end of the month. And that's what I think is most impressive to me is it was the top selling council despite coming on June twenty-ninth. Basically three days left in the month outsold all the other ones. Obviously, from a sales perspective, a revenue perspective, Sony's PS four actually was the top selling. Of course. I mean, it makes the most sense that they sold a ton of units considering those only forty dollars in the last time I was available for sale. It was like everybody was scrambling to get it because they thought they wouldn't be able to get it again. Although I have to say my buddy by one, we turn it on and also a realized I didn't really like any of the games mostly. Yeah. Anyways, we're only storage because I've seen it. I'm Richard jank Ben FOX Ruben. I'm out for dang, thanks for listening.

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