Six Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Six Year, Eighty Five Percent discussed on Mortgage Radio


Eighty five percent faster than the competition. I would definitely use them again. Great job. Look sorry. I had a curse, but leave. I wrote it, and I'm sure people can relate the guy was in a living h e double hockey sticks because of some other mortgage company, how many times do you hear from people that have had a terrible experience in the past. And they're almost like, you know, a puppy that's been kicked. I wish I was telling you guys at very rarely comes up. And unfortunately, we're hearing this on I'd say one out of every ten calls to where they're just they're just upset at how the process is unfolding. They're not getting back to the customer in time. They're constantly having to explain their story to the next person because they don't always kind of work efficiently. They're not under one building. What really helps network capital when it comes to the turn times and the communication in the transparency is everyone's under the same building. So you'd have processing underwriting post closing sales marketing ownership everybody working under the same roof on the same floor. Is really just easy to push clean in clean out in the customers. Enjoy because they develop a relationship. They don't wanna have to constantly keep explaining the same information over and over and over all they want to do is call in tell you what they want put you to work sit back and enjoy the ride and hope and hope it gets done in ten business days. So if you guys like trying to save five hundred twenty eight a month six thousand three hundred thirty six year, here's your opportunity. All you have to do is make contact be a friend about your situations. And I think you're gonna like what you hear the number eight hundred seven hundred eight zero six eight, and if you are reading the paper work, it is not that scary shots going gonna break it down when we come back..

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