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Here is part two of our interview with Parker Thompson on race line radio. One. We went out and got a couple of tenths on everyone. A media tech was all after I got a drug test after kidding, really. Yeah. Oh. The team had to strip apart the gearbox. I I mean first day, which I thought was a little harsh. But hey, yeah series is making sure that the new guys on the blocker are strict to the rules. We were. So it was cool to see the whole Tadic. I think was very surprised. I mean, I don't wanna say they wrote me off. But when no one heard about me what I was doing in the offseason, everyone kind of said, well, he's retired. So no, you're not you never were. No, I know. But it was good to come out in tire show, everyone that I still real race car. Now Parker you said you set the car up for Saint Petersburg. And I in my mind, I'm wondering if there's any parallels to Saint Pete, and you know, the place can be racy in some sections, and Dr narrow and others when you set a car for Petersburg. What exactly do you mean essentially streak courses are kind of in the road department when we talk about setups because usually bumpy the road are has to go over you can't have the car to lower else. You're going to be centering over those crowds. So yes, you're speaking my language, exactly Tronto over the last five years, it's been quite a similar setup. But one thing that's interesting to note. Saint Pete starting last year has been fully repaid. Okay. So it's actually quite smooth. So I mean when I started on the road to Indy Saint Pete was probably just as being Toronto. But now you look at it. I would say Trotta is eagles bumpy car. People's bumpy Jack on our circuit. I would agree. Yeah. I would agree with that. Now, you said a track record. Now, you don't go out to try and do that. But tell us how you felt when you look at the clock when you know, what no one's touch that? That's pretty good. That's like Rick near stuff. You know, new track record. Yeah. Okay. Well, here's what's funny to tell you a little story to the weekend. I think it will it'll surprise people. Sure. Everything went mechanically sound able motor sports. I mean for them to come in their first race first time at the car and have the car one trouble-free, the whole time is amazing. Yes. But the only thing that didn't work. With my timing the whole weekend. No, no times. I was doing all weekend. So what's really interesting is we had a different tyre strategy in a lot of people in qualifying to when I did the track record. And essentially my thought behind it was let's go out on new tires with not come in for new tires and save them for the race. But we're just gonna do one new set instead of to like everyone else did with that strategy. You gotta go out and way time down, and that has the stand because bottle hires..

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