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Be called one aa that is an elite program regardless of the vision and you half to be precise to run the offense he ran there he's used to being precise the way you have to be precise in the nfl that's a huge head start considering the spread offenses and the rpo auction offenses that we've seen in college over the last fifteen or twenty years he need one by ju ju immensely now and the eagles as well if we're both rightness team is a final fourteen whether they are staying or going somewhere for the nfc championship game this question will become even more relevant and i asked at of your compatriot appello eagle reporter rare ruger pranked the other day pti said he hadn't even contemplated it let me see if i catch you off guard who will be hotter commodity after that championship game or after the super bowl and have his name mentioned prior to it as a head coaching candid date defied jim schwartz who need one crack in the nfl dead coach or will it be the offensive coordinator frank right honestly it'll be jim schwartz in a landslide i've taught thought about this a lot i see colbert did better jim schwarz in a landslide frank reich scott in a couple of dinner views but until those interviews were would buffalo who isn't going to be changing coach anytime soon where he came from his profile isn't what jim is not with jim schwartz is was in uh i it's not with jim schwartz's is you know john paul the quarterback coach he might become a head coach before frank reich but i think right reich is the most important because frank reich is the guy that identified and has nurtured carson let's agreed and then i think that will go a long way and help them in potentially getting that head coaching position uh so he he he certainly deserves one marcus great stop freaky coming on board debt thanks march we'll talk again soon jodie mac next rabbinate markets as a general sports columnist talk.

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