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Leaders for not fighting for the right to cast a ballot. You reiterates there many accusations of wrongdoing in the November election. Traffic and weather together and for traffic. We have Brian Nobles east down. I 80 is up end up entering this report is brought to you by Cal Hope in the California Department of Health Care Services sees pieces. They're getting ready to run a traffic right? That's so crews can come out there and do some pothole repair something which should be a boy. Or if you're headed that way. That's about the extent of our troubles on our freeways around Sacramento right now, if you're feeling anxious, stressed a lonely in these difficult covert times. Call Cal Hope that a 33 3 17 hope that's a 33 3 17 46 70. REORG. This is Cal hope dot order to talk to someone who can help. Hope will persevere. Traffic on the tans. Every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. Really studied the Santoni and high 54 to 58 increasing clouds Tonight. Areas of fog overnight 0 37 41 of our Morning fog and it could be a shower of the afternoon. I'm 51 to 55 Banki weather meteorologist Barson. There's 93.1 kfbk habit say the sun is breaking through. In the Cal Expo area. We have 48 degrees here in Sacramento on Wall Street. The Dow's up 182 points. NASDAQ Up almost 100. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk stuffed it in less than 30 minutes. Breaking news, the second of Heaven on Sacramento's new 93.1. Hey, FBK. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits that may be available to veterans via is focused on customer service. Like never before. Shoes via and see why Veterans trust in via reached an all.

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