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They're all out in the cloud and google goes out of business i know that sounds crazy but you know now i'm with you man like a there's there's something trustworthy about a tape or about obviously need to be able to play it on something but like a physical object you can hold feels sturdy and trustworthy yeah you know there's also something to open a talking to matt and talking my wife and so my friends about this lately when you have this picture of her grandfather with this this tape cassette they've got you know this loss this person has passed away their voice sonnet yeah when you if you physically in her interface with you hold the tape that they had you maybe wind a little bit loose take back into it i remember those days slide and then they play hit the button and you do all of all of the sensory interaction that you have yeah that it prime issue for when when that you know that crispy audio his ears and you know goes in your brain there's a it's it's almost like holding hands you know three curtain a is this the way that elisabeth cop split it you yeah kind of reaching back and grabbing that phantom ceiling on the other side yeah in even like physical things can be fixed like a a taped and break and you can repair it if it's special enough may stutter cassettes and the garbage when they broke but you could mandate oh yeah i mean that's what helped films were added to the states in the state that's that's that's what they literally mean when when they say cutting tape right he would cut with a razor blade interact funny enough when i went to the a n y you this evening and weekend program film school in the mid nineties like we were the last couple of classes to do that stuff and a year later everything i learned was just down the garbage i went to i went to film school here in georgia state and it was in that time it was like two thousand seven when i started college win on everyone's kind of confused about what the formulas gonna be like ryan digital but no everyone's vying for inserting doing like mini detainee dv earlier relevant i've talked to those left a cannon well the big hot shit camera the cannon had the xl one oh yeah yeah sure i felt like the most advanced shit ever when it came out and then and then that was right when to by the time i just you know maybe i saw a lot of the levels of college freshman sophomore junior junior there you got like a junior senior in college with nick cannon specifically start making ts ars they could shoot video yeah and that screwed everybody up to like wait now we have photo cameras there shooting video when you could put new lenses on 'em yeah it was it was it was wild i think it's maybe settled down a little bit more yeah i was out of the loop there for a little bit because i remember when i first saw someone shooting video on a on a dsl are i was like what is that guy doing like he can't he realizes it that's her pictures they broke all the.

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