Vinnie Penn, Biden, Tucker discussed on Glenn Beck


Are see. think you should prepare for a time when You don't have people like me or Tucker or Anybody else? Talking to you every day. I hope to God, that doesn't happen, But I don't think that's Outside the realm of possibilities. Was talking to Vinnie Penn today from W E l I and he said I heard somebody talking about a speech you gave to the radio industry where you said. That if Biden winds Talk radio in particular is going to come under attack and it is it is possibly going to be lost. And I said it everybody think that was crazy. Said No. Everybody agreed with you except me. He said. We're more important now. More important than ever. And I said You're exactly right. We are more important than ever before. Because we're becoming the last line of defense. That is why they will do everything they can to silence us. They will come after our sponsors like Nobody's business. They will do everything they can to scare you and others away from us. And in the end, the FCC will just come up with something and it'll pass. Especially If we lose.

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