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This is the los angeles roofer he might ernie no it is the scene of the big chase in the film terminator two it which omni schwarzenegger rides along its sloping concrete channel at hairraising speed on his made to buy off the baby in deep many angelenos didn't even though that city how to refer but that's all changing not only here in los angeles where the architect frank gehry is creating a river masked aplomb but in cities around the world the regeneration of rivers is a hot topic this is the compass on the bbc world service i'm susan malling nanan this pair programs a tale of two rivers i'm going to report on schumer waterways that are on opposite sides of the globe but which have a surprising amount in common the klang river that runs through kuala lumpur in malaysia and here firstly today the los angeles river in california i think it's be subject to los angeles at the moment because it's a way to talk about real estate development and judge vacation it's a way to talk about water policy in the drought it's a way to talk about eric garcetti's leadership style as the mayor of the city first of all full of this object you critic us the los angeles times and he's mike guide to the river it's almost a perfect emblem both of the political pressures that are really reshaping los angeles and the ways in which the political structure has made largescale planning difficult in los angeles so every angelina left the nyema has got a penny were flipped i'd like to express on this subject yes it's rare to find someone who doesn't have a strong opinion one way or another and one opinion on which people all your nightshade is that this river which dries two small channel for most of the year.

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