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So there's a very good chance that you've heard my mold story over the past few years and how it completely turned my life upside down and some very very dramatic ways but what you probably don't know as just how big of a problem toxic mold is becoming. It's estimated that fifty percent of all homes are currently infected with mold and that twenty five percent of the global food supply contains poisonous micro-toxins that molds produce some of the foods that contain the highest levels of topic. Mold are items that you're probably eating on a daily basis. Not as coffee and any type of nut so if you're having your daily starbucks if you're drinking coffee or any kind of protein bar that contains peanuts almonds any kind of nuts. You are most likely ingesting micro-toxins now most people's bodies can clear these toxins out successfully as long as their exposure level doesn't exceed their bodies capacity. Which is what happened. In my case if your exposure level gets too high well it's going to overcome your body's detox system and that's when things quickly take a turn for the worse now what's really interesting. Is that one in four. Americans are missing the gene that allows their body to eliminate micro-toxins altogether and that can lead to all kinds of problems including chronic inflammation. Autoimmune diseases arthritis. Asthma skin rashes. Chronic coughing and bronchitis adrenal fatigue brain fog memory loss low libido depression and all kinds of other neurological problems. In fact toxic. Mold is now considered far more dangerous than his specis or lead based paints. But you don't see toxic legal cases popping up left and right like you did in those industries because it made them nearly impossible to prosecute why while there's two primary reasons i is that mold is a naturally occurring part of the earth's biosphere rather than a man made substance that was produced by a company. Second is because it would literally destroy the united states real estate and insurance markets overnight. You can imagine what it would look like for a lawyer to walk into any building in the country with a simple multitask which is going to provide a positive result in at least fifty percent of the buildings in the country and then they sue the builder or the owner will the economic kavak. That would ensue would be unimaginable. Every building downtown in any kind of city especially along the coast or southern america would have you know yellow biohazard tape put up and be closed off. It would be an unprecedented event so with that in mind. There is a very good chance that you are somebody in. Your family is currently suffering from health challenges that are a result of mold exposure and they have absolutely no idea that that's the case. Now i would not wish what i went through on my worst enemy so this podcast interview is one way. I can share my experience with others in order to give them hope and the resources that they need in order to heal and get their lives back to help me do that. I'm joined by one of the many amazing doctors that have had a chance to work with during my journey. Doctor right up milanovic galbraith. So dr reiko is board-certified functional medicine doctor. And she specializes in helping toxic mold patients and she's very very good at what she does so. Please help me. Welcome dr ikea as we dive into this fascinating topic. That is going to impact somebody in your life in in your family right now. Here today dr ikea. Welcome to the podcast. I'm so excited to have you on the show today. Thanks for that lovely introduction. I am so excited to be here and to spread my message. Thank you so much for joining us today. You are one of a handful of superhero physicians who've shown up in my life over the last three years that have helped me really heal and recover from this toxic mold. Infection that caused a brain injury in a bunch of nervous system dysfunction in all kinds of stuff and this has been the hardest thing that i've ever been through but also one of the most enlightening and empowering believe believe it or not in the work that it has forced me to do. And i wanted to have you on the show today because this is a problem that has popping up in more and more people's lives my friend. James went through a serious mold infection. After he heard about mine he had a bleeding brain. He was literally on his way to his deathbed it was very scary time and i've probably had three or four other friends in the last few months end up with the same type of serious illness to where it got to the point where they having significant physical symptoms and all of them have had to move their homes and leave their homes at least once and so. This is an area of your specialty. You've been helping me come through this process as well so i wanted you to come on the show. Fill the world on what's going on in case they're dealing with an issue like this or might have a family member or a friend and usually most people have no idea what the causes. Most traditional doctors have no idea what the causes. It goes undiagnosed and it leads to all kinds of problems so again. Thank you for coming on today. And if you can start by maybe sharing a little bit about your story and how you ended up becoming an expert in this area. I think that would be awesome again. Mike i am so super thrilled to share this so that people can recognize symptoms and get help sooner rather than later before it leads to such dysfunction. Like you yourself in some of your friends have experienced. So i like most children at three dreams and like the first dream was to be a doctor really from the age of five and the second dream was to want to get married and the third dream was to have children and i know sounds a little bit jerry typical but i had those dreams and i didn't even care what order they came in and i had so much dysfunction in my life from a medical standpoint that almost never achieved all those dreams and all the while i didn't finish residency just a couple months shy because i was so fatigued i just fell asleep standing up at rock concerts on dates. And can you imagine what a second date i wouldn't. Hey i wasn't asked out again and made it through with the help of mentor. Who i just marched up to his office when i just had it. I couldn't physically with endure it any longer. And was more than what my colleagues were experiencing and he somehow push me through cheerleaders and refused to take my resignation. And i made it through and then i also made it through and ended up getting married because i could stay away with a little bit of new found energy and then unfortunately than we hit. All kinds of roadblocks from infertility endometriosis wasn't just with me. It was with patience and the most common symptom that crossed my door that i could not even begin to treat was fatigue let alone brain fog and even weight gain and people were told it was normal for aging. It was all in their head or worse yet. They were prescribed anti-depressants than i know. Because i was one of those doctors. So he's always on the search and having overcome all these symptoms. I found the field of functional medicine by finding an article on glutathione believe it or not and described all of my patients that could never diagnosed and so i did. The deep dive and functional medicine targets the root causes of diseases for the listeners. That don't know and then really gets to the root so you're not just slapping drugs at the end. A symptom like headache. We'll give you this migraine medicine really pills it away..

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