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The the first kind of finished image that were aware of out there of the of of the larger excellent any of the either secondgeneration pickle devices and uh this was something we publish like us three months before gugel announced the phone yeah i mean i think it was it was pretty accurate yeah i think we we gotta asia hammernel we got the guy can't rely on a camera it's weird because it's uh it's flipped between the xl and the regular pixels so the way we have it in the render it's the it's the the pixel to five inch layout with the camera lens closer to the middle but it's the other way round on the xl in real life yeah i also think that the color we went with which honestly i had the kind of make uh an executive decision on there is more akin to the color of last year's pixels the color this year's obviously significantly darker sort of like a carbon black yeah this year is definitely a actual black as opposed to last year's really blackwell japan lee was not actually black yeah it's a screw on the final version um i mean aren't the vessel smaller on the final version as well i'm i don't think so i think that's just the way the picture works the thinlyveiled get wrong though is that there is a bottom firing speaker to yonhap x the bail your slimmer so that way hopley what what you're seeing there otherwise i'd linkman alternative at the blue tent on the screen ouster at a we forgot to put in the little return box in the picture it ended up as though.

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