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But it's something you talk about the middle of season. You had such an incredible career with the forty niners but but at the end of your career you moved onto different teams. Do you have regrets that you weren't able to just stick around with a forty nine dollars now. I still wanted to play. Yeah and I still felt like I had more to offer offer when I went to the raiders and when it went in there and put that uniform on and I I pretty much announced that I you know what I looked. Pretty good in this silver and black I it looked look really good on me and I had some success there. I think that year when I got Let go by the niners. I went back to the pro. Bowl did all that head opportunity. Go back to the Super Bowl but we got beat by Tampa Bay Because I really wanted to Bring a super bowl to Tim Brown And Rich Gannon in all of those guys but it can happen but now I have no regrets in. I went on to Seattle for a little bit then. I was in Denver for a second and that was in of. Did that. Look Weird when you put on the the seahawks uniform for the first time because you look I always thought you look great in the silver black. That's Jerry Rice but when I saw you put on the seahawks uniform it was like that is just weird. Yeah it was a little different but you know I also When I went in it was no way I was going to touch us? Steve largest number I was prepared to get a number rob probably going to go back to my my collegiate number eight eight but when I went in I met with Steve Large and he said hey you know I want you to wear eighty and I'm like in the way the respect that I have for that man. It was no way I was going to say no to him. And that's the reason why wore eighty the ultimate respect number respect actors like different level of respect I have a theory. Okay so you are. You are the goat in my mind But I think with athletes athletes. The problem is as time passes people forget the goats of of of past years. Right they move onto the next thing. We see it all the time in basketball. We in football. I think that your legacy is hurt. By the fact that people weren't playing fantasy football football would seriously hold on. Okay I'm GONNA explain it. Okay when when you have guys who put up incredible statistical game seasons there is a like the kinship ship between fans outside of your team you play for that is bigger than that like I could remember when Ladainian Tomlinson one me a league like I always so so I think we need to set up a twitter account or have someone do it and be like this this week in Jerry Rice if you had on your fantasy team basically like a time portal. So I threw up because listen I I looked at like for instance. You tweet when we if you had jerry rice on your fantasy team week five. Nineteen nineteen ninety. He had thirteen catches two hundred and twenty five yards and five touchdowns. That's pretty good in one week. How many how many points are you serious? Yes you. That's what you I had that. Game against the Falcons Atlanta. Yeah where they they had demery. I think he was the defensive back in. They kept trying to play me one on one like. Are you serious. Even your journey actually actually been came up and they put him on you one on one on one. Sanders was the other quarterback and they told him. No you stay. I'm I'm like okay. Yes so you're going to follow the Jerry Rice Time Puerto Puerto so why nineteen ninety-three eight eight catches one hundred seventy two yards four touchdowns like that's if you tweet that like if you had Jerry Rice on your busy team this week you would have won Wow that's basically two people realize how special you were in the numbers you put up because I think that gets lost I think I'm always surprised by your own stats. Yeah I because I never kept up with my status. That's why we twelve nineteen ninety-four sixteen catches one hundred sixty five yards three touchdowns sin- holding you didn't put him on your bench. That one more time sixteen catches one hundred sixty five yards. It's three touchdowns sheesh crazy. Yeah so even Jerry. Rice is impressed by Jerry Rice. That's GonNa Start Start for us because we have a million people. Listen to us not to Brag but Someone will start that. It'd be like this week and Jerry Rice history. I'm also so very impressed by like I've I've always look back at your career and kind of admire the fact that you came into the League and the knock against you was. You might not be that fast. You might not be fast. In fact Aaron. Donald ran a faster forty time. Then you did right. And he's you know two hundred two hundred ninety pounds big Guy But when you got on the field we you put the pads on either. You got a lot faster or everybody else. That was fast without panel got a lot slower. We got a lot faster because I knew people will be. We're trying to hurt me and when someone is trying to hurt you you have to Tennessee to Ronaldo bit faster yeah so whenever I got out in front of someone and and And I was like. That's the way I I. I used to really think. And that gave me that little extra boost that I needed to Get into the end zone but yeah that's the way I looked at it. Four six forty. I'm starting to think that the one that can public let me ask you I'm GonNa tell you this probably a doing a football game. I was running one in four tooth for tooth. Yeah too because you were scared scared and I used to my event. Yeah now if you lie me up just to run a straight forty woody. I'M NOT GONNA run time. Yeah yeah we need someone chasing chase. Beat the Horse. Yeah exactly. So you're were were no doubt or hall of Famer but do you think when you look at someone who is up for the hall of fame do you think postseason success and those big moments. Yeah Ah exactly exactly because I feel like you go back in you. Look at my post season. I was always at my best you know you go back during the season season Like during the season you look at Sunday night football Monday night football. I was always at my best you so you have to be able to perform at a certain level. When everything's everything is on a lie? What was your favorite sewell? I like them all give me. The charges are serious from Kiro from suppo twenty three the final drive from a super bowl. Twenty four against the broncos. Well we beat them fifty five. I think five hundred fifty. Yeah Being Super Bowl twenty nine I think they all brought something special. But it's like they meant something to me because I was always nervous. You hear you know hear people say it was just another game no is not super bowl and and if you don't win You know no one. No one is going to remember the loser right. It's always always at my got someone tell my my first super bowl. I remember playing a game over and over the night before because we always put the I fifteen plays in. Yeah so I knew exactly the opportunities that I would have doing a game so I'm up playing his game all night long. I wake up the next day. Then you know I can't eat. I never eat own on Game Day. You know because I you know. I got these butterflies going on. I'm nervous and stuff like that and the Super Bowl is not till late on the evening so I go go to the stadium which I always go on. The first bus over dome was in Miami. Oh Miami so I go to. I go to I I on the first bus. Go to the stadium. Put My uniform on decided to relax on. His table fell asleep. Falsely and I could hear my teammates as they walked by like. What is going on on? This is super bowl. He just You know he's he's sleeping. He's taken out but I had prepared. I knew exactly what I want to do now. Just had the carried it to the football so speaking of guys that have had a lot of postseason success and talk about what that means for their legacy. A lot of people recently have been talking about Julian early in Edison. Yeah and the possibility that he might be a hall of Famer because of what he's done in the postseason Ajoy Ataman also he took your daughter Prom right. Yep Yep did you have any words Julian before the idea. Hey you can't share it with you guys yeah. I can't say it over the air and stuff like that. No no but you know with Element what what he's doing for his he's just like he's just a tough guy Look at you know like last night. That catch he made and he just Through who is body in the air and stuff like that you know to Get positive yards But I think eventually they have to start looking at those Though smaller guys you know what they do the ball is not. I don't think ever GONNA get thrown down feels depots He used to in the past. it's is all about those Lewis Short passes in in being able to do something with the ball speaking of which you have so many records but I feel like the if your quarterback or wide receiver in the NFL. Your records get broken because of the way the League is is a passing right. So are you When record gets broken although you're still still it's very hard for someone to break? You're receiving yards record. I would assume well far away as Leery He's I I think I still think he's got a waste. I think about four hundred or something. Yeah so that's I don't know if he's got that put are you. I know exactly. I know exactly where he's gotta be somewhere close. Oh so right. So do you get when you lose a record. How does that like did you? Are you mad or happy now. I'll be the first one to congratulate late. You okay you know because I I didn't play it for the records Larry six thousand yards behind. All you got this. You're receiving record. All time was probably untouchable apple. Swayed it sounds like everything. Yeah behind you. There's there's Larry and he's he's probably got maybe one year left and I'm if that Torello we love reception wise. How how how many is he has two hundred years about two hundred ago but two hundred? So what do that to catch that. He plays three more more years. Yeah maybe three or four years. I don't know that's a lot of years. I mean that's the longevity of your career is incredible. You said it yourself like four years is the average is that Point to all the training. You think that's I think that's that's really something that I'm proud of. You know that I was able to commit to something like like that and instill love it today. You know because it's like whenever I went to practice I felt like I wanted to learn something you know not sand and I will wake up and say oh I gotta go to work today and just going through the motions and I think the thing is that really helped me to excel on for Mafia. was there ever any times throughout your career and you were fortunate enough to play on some really really good teams where you had kind of a down season or bad time and and did that impact. Pack Your love of the game and in turn affect like how much you wanted to work at it and you guys. I think one thing that really helped me and I must say this because when we lost to the Tampa Bay buccaneers in our with the raiders. Because I was always used to win in super bowls they had all your place always and and and we ended up losing that one and still you have obligations that you have to feel with the media and stuff like that now here here I am. I'm so used to you know just winning now. I you know I lost but still being able to You Know Oh do what I had to do with the media do with what I had to do with the fans and stuff like that I think I I learned more by losing than winning because when you win. Everything's just great and stuff like that and I remember. We lost that game. When I got back to my room I went to my room? I said on the bed for a second in. NFL cried like a baby. Because I was like I cannot believe we just lost the Super Bowl but now you got together yourself and you gotta go downstairs right. Yeah right well you also had like three and a half quarters to realize you lost that Super Bowl. 'cause you guys got killed well. Thanks a lot appreciate that smoked. Yeah Yeah I mean Gruden had all the play is a good thing skin and three other super bowl. That helps a little bit Is it harder to catch a spiral from a left era. Righty lefty and I had a trainer. Dad was a lefty he through so many balls. And Steve User really pissed pissed me off though. Because when Steve I came into Lee St was more of a running quarterbacks hole here I am. You know I'm like I'm running my route and I'm thinking okay. The crowd is cheering. They see me about you..

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