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Favorite it's five forty five on A. M. Tampa Bay and we go to the newsroom and Chris track man power outages across Tampa Bay are blamed on the strong storm overnight Tego reported over thirteen thousand outages Duke energy reported four thousand a possible tornado was reported in Pinellas park and one person was hurt when a tree fell into their home in Seminole on Oakdale terrace the strong winds also led to the closure of the sunshine skyway bridge but it was re opened early this morning Florida senator Rick Scott is proposing a constitutional amendment that would make it harder to impeach a president the Republican claims Democrats used impeachment to try and hurt president trump he's proposing that a vote of three fifths of the house be required to impeach an official currently it takes just a majority despite a judge's ruling in our favor a Tampa Bay woman's fight with the credit card company seems to never end the judge two months ago ordered credit one bank to pay Linda mera Vela seventy five thousand dollars for harassing phone calls the company repeatedly Calder three years ago about an overdue credit card bill while her husband was in the hospital calls continued after his death Maravilla says she's yet to receive payment now she's suing the card company in federal court on Chris strike been newsradio WFLA knowledge exports from the ninety five three W. D. A. E. sports center I'm Zach blogger blighting get a win over the penguins last night forty two it Emily arena scoring for your bolts Nikita Kucherov Anthony so rally McHale circuits have and the captain Steven Stamkos next up for the bolts they welcome the islanders to town tomorrow night for seven o'clock puck drop on WFLA in the MLB commissioner rob Manfred called the split season idea with the rays in Montreal the best way to keep baseball in Tampa citing that he thinks issues concerning the NFL Players Association hurdles that they could it potentially overcome the sister city idea continues to be the rays number one option as well according to owners to stern Berg race fan fest at the trop Saturday for more on the story said a sports radio ninety five three Debbie D. E. N. M. six twenty news every fifteen minutes top bottom fifteen and forty five on news radio WFLA Tampa Bay revolutionary in his field doctor cannot be created perfected and patented features using is genius but not invented the precise tools necessary to minimize surgery scarring and speech and recovery so successful are the but not a spy procedures they consistently reflects ninety eight point seven five percent patient satisfaction sixty thousand procedures have been performed exclusively at our location nearly half of patients have suffered from fell back and neck surgery at other facilities the ninety six other spell IT folks on Jack Harris and I want to tell you about the new ought to bell via Hey I the first hearing aid ever to use artificial intelligence to replicate normal hearing while relieving you of the unwanted noise.

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