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They don't need to be like all pros across the line yeah yeah exactly and i think they even at center like honestly like yeah you would like it to have obviously a a decent player at every position but i think if they're comfortable with whoever's there and especially like let's assume rich berg for now because it it does get a bit more dicey once he moved beyond that but if you -ssume that he's out there instill just isn't very good. I think from an onfield results colts standpoint like that probably has the biggest impact on the run game. The centers blocks in the scheme are far more important there than the impact that he could potentially has passed protector <hes> <hes> it's just easier to hide a center well you get home and get help from dr wright and there's almost never a snap in which he's not working working with someone else i shouldn't say never but it is just a small percentage of his overall pass blocking snap so yeah i mean well. There's likely still be some snaps in there. If you have a bad center where like aaron donald's abusing that dude and getting pressure like sure aaron donald going to use every he's gonna abuse. Everyone yeah exactly all right so that wraps up the mailbox questions now. We're going to get to the two minute. Drill some quick fire questions where we are lofting questions at one another. These are still your questions. We just don't have time for james aims so let's go to a drill david. Who's your surprise cut <hes>. This one's always tough because i don't know that their roster is the latest two minute drive david. You're getting to the line and you give me a word. I'm on. I'm feeling uncomfortable okay. I got plenty of time. We got time. There's no time to point john. Come among give it to me. I don't know man. I goodwin markey's get one mind c._j. Beathard does that price though that's where matt see. I think it's a surprised because he was a third round pick and because he was handpicked by shane okay. I liked that one better yeah all right. So who is your surprise player to make fifty three man roster dammit. Who's your player. You go first. Gimme gimme here my surprise player to make the fifty three man roster. I swear to god if it's dante johnson or greg. I'm gonna like i'm going to vomit. My surprise. Player is probably going to be mark. He's gonna win just kidding. No i it's gonna be it's gonna be tim harris. If anyone is a surprise at this point. It's going to be someone in the cornerback role that is going to unseat dante john and greg maiden. I think drew greenlaw at this point probably wouldn't be a surprise so i think it's probably going to be someone like tim. Here's sure sure let's go with that yeah. That's i literally. I mean nobody none of these other guys. I feel like i think mostly other positions are relatively sat. There's not a lot of guys that are down there as undrafted guys that i think are big threats to come up and still spots tim here richard james. It'd be the other one over over the similar kendrick born or something like that but he's even a guy. That's like ben on the roster so yes. Yes they like that. That's a surprise agree all right. How many quarterbacks would you take over jimmy garoppolo and fantasy probably it's like in the teens like probably early thirteen fourteen fifteen..

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