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They're being strongly linked in the media with a move for for LeRoy Sante as well. He's going to cost an absolute bundle. But they feel that if he comes he's, he's a game changer. You've got Corentin Toledo coming back from injury midfield younger because another season under his bell. And then at the back, you know, you brought in into guys who we hope can can can help you in Pavitt and, and Hernandez wouldn't necessarily have been my choices in terms of addressing the needs that they have. But I think they feel that they'll be stronger in every department. Now all they need to do is maybe lose couple big salaries in the form of HAMAs Rodriguez. Possibly bought Tang and there and the elephant in the room gap Niko Kovac as he done enough, as he displayed his credentials as he gonna stay. See that's the question. Right. We, we think of Byron this very rational club. It shouldn't depend on ninety minutes football whether he stays or goes, especially when they were outplayed foot by foot for long stretches. This is just a hunch. I don't know what they're gonna do. But for me the, the fact that there was still a question. Mark hanging over him going into this game. And buying aren't the kind of club where everything's going to hinge on ninety minutes that suggests to me that maybe he won't be back. We'll be fascinating to follow that we will let salute the end of the robbery era. I enrolled in Frank river. Yeah. This is the numbers they put up Rubery was twelve about being you. Although there's only room for two hours. We'll have to wait. Of course. That's the a you Brennan. Robbery was winning the Champions League get banking twenty thirteen at Wembley. Tracking the domestic dust bunny. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to.

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