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Yes so it's it's. It's a lot like sniper school on skis exactly going uphill up and down the hill all the most effective snipers women will they are hand studied. This they will say that y'all are the most lethal thing that we have now if you trained properly. Y'all actually are because of your ability to do that. I don't have that ability for whatever reasons that's war tested that kind of thing so when yogi terrifying here if you'll have the ability to do both those things seriously because it's the hardest cross doing on the skis and snow in that environment period because of the temperature outside and inside right on top of doing the hardest thing which is shooting a rival at something. But is there a marker that you're skiing into to shoot at or like target. Yes so imagine. imagine this. There's a big stadium gigantic stadium and there's you know thirty. Fifty thousand people in front of them is a start finish area in the shooting range so they get it. They got to watch Start finish. There's big jumbotron screens and stuff like that. So you can you. They they have the whole course filmed So what you do. Is you start you skew loop coming back into the rain. Come back into the shooting. Range ski the same loop just so a spectator friendly because there's usually a lot of courses of three to five people deep all the way around the course just screaming. Their heads is so what. Sorry i get excited man. I want when when you're skiing on the course in some of these stadiums you can't. You can't feel yourself breathing. These people are screaming so loud. You're going up a hill and it's just it's it's loud it's intense. Yeah when you come into shoot that whole crowd. Just you know thirty thousand people here when you hit right now. Think about that. It's screaming so loud that it takes away your kit. And that's what makes the sports seoul fun is is when you hit. They erupt like cheering. And then when you miss they boo puts a lot of pressure on it. And you have five shots so in between each each shot they either cheer or they boo. And then there's a penalty loop just right outside the shooting range so if you miss any shot you have to goski that penalty loop and they will boo all the way around that palou. You're shooting a rifle. Yeah yeah so you have a your skin cross country skis. And they're they're really thin compared to downhill skis. There's no metal edges is just just plastic. Your heels not hooked in so they're they're very unstable so downhills and stuff. You have to be on your toes all the time you fall on that you're going to break your life on. It's the hardest. Physics is right an environment. They say you burn more calories in bothell on than any other sport in the world because it's in the cold you're going up and down hills and you're using your arms and your every muscle pretty much in your body. Tell that coordination with the data because they make us run down up and down yard lines and do the craziest stuff just just so we can lay down and learn how to shoot breathing like that..

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