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Bridge actually would go up and down to allow boat traffic to get by. When they did the remodel this time did they take out the booth? There was there was a booth underneath the bridge. Kind of hidden away on. I wonder if it was removed in this process. I believe it's still there. Um, but yeah, there was even talk of do we do we make it a drawbridge again? If they're going to spend 227 million, those talks were quickly squashed saying that no, you know, it just won't work that way. Um, you know, it's a delicate operation. Um, but, yeah, they tried Tol leave things aesthetically, uh, the same. You know what we've grown up, too, knows the Arlington Memorial Bridge. The secretary of the Interior called it Ah, hallowed gateway. Crosses the Potomac River from D C not only in the Arlington but essentially into Arlington National Cemetery. So it is a special bridge. I mean, it's not just the look in the iconic You know the landmark but just where it is. You know, it really is. It's my favorite bridge in D. C. I mean, I think I speak for many people that you know when there was talk of permanently closing it. I think people's jaws dropped like there's no way we can't allow that. Yeah. Yeah, I for one am just so happy that they didn't quote unquote modernize it. I can't stand when we take something iconic and we modernize it And then it doesn't look like what it was originally intended to be and preserving that history, preserving that look, I think it's so important. They do it all over Europe. But in this country, we knock it down and we put it up with something new and better. So I'm I'm really glad to hear that. They did not do that. They tried to preserve as much of it as possible, which probably wound up costing more. But I think preserving a part of history is really important like that. John Gonzales, thank you so much for joining us. Sure, no problem. Any time a great week. It's a 22 and W m A L. Washington's mall is fabulous One of 5.9 FM I can't thank you enough. W m a l where Washington comes to talk. Much of school still using a remote online learning. Have you been concerned about the quality of education? Your son is getting well. Let me tell you about Fork Union Military academy. They are now accepting enrollments for an in person classroom experience beginning this January for their spring semester. Located.

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