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I. Peter four two four two four that's a tip to ABC news I'm Terry all dinner president trump signing an executive order he says would guarantee the highest standards in police work surrounded by law enforcement officials in the rose garden president trump on Tuesday signed an executive order on police reforms he said it includes a new standard as part of this new credentialing process show calls will be banned except if an officer's life is at risk the president said his administration has worked with what he called all of the various departments and he says there is agreement that it's time to take this step Karen Travers ABC news the White House also today a Senate hearing on the use of police for one life to live in a country where I'd be afraid to be stopped so hopefully we can all understand that the problem and fix it but it is a problem every black man in America virtually every black man in America feels like if they get stopped by the cop is a dramatic experience issue committee chair Lindsey Graham says opening fire should have been the last resort in last week's fatal shooting of Richard Brooks the head of the fed says containing code nineteen is key to a strong economic recovery is in trump has called for a condom is to reopen sports to return and more fed chair Jerome Powell stressed Tuesday the importance of truly containing covert nineteen if the U. S. wants to see a real economic recovery significant uncertainty remains about timing instrument recovery much of that uncertainty comes from uncertainty about the path of the disease and effective measures to contain he says the public needs to be confident that the disease is controlled before they'll be willing to shop spend in travel in the way we did before Kobe nineteen Margaret Millar ABC news house Democrats are slated to open next week to make Washington DC the nation's fifty first state it is an issue they say has become far more important in the wake of the recent protests the legislation faces considerable opposition however in the Senate you.

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