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Coming back in in some future project and the article back and found it. And i know the article reference robert downey junior for example with Captain america's civil war and spiderman as a film. That was that that would be that type of arrangement where he would Chris atmosphere potentially come back as cap. So we'll see that follows in dj's but steps right. Yeah yeah so we'll see where it goes made. It may just be one of those things that People were kind of talking and obviously actors will probably looking for work because they didn't know what was going to happen with the pandemic or maybe maybe crisis like you know i would carrying a shield woolmer time or maybe or maybe display a mental role or something and a feature film like bike. Robert downey like tony. Stark did to the peter and spiderman. Yeah i'm sure i'm sure. With in both cases it's a matter of what's the pitch why you've already technically put this character to rest though the why would it. How would it affect everyone else especially Given the conclusion of with with sam picking up the shield may how how would almost not maybe read Introducing but how would having that ghost ghost of the past help further that story and potentially other stories Because you know in in foggy trust broke. His body knows that there's a reason there's something that it would add. He'll do it in he. He got so need to agree to a crazy deal so that he could get spider-man and think about it as as you were talking. I thought about it with the with wisconsin carter last week. You know. Chris did not do the voice. Work for Steve rogers and what if but we do know that. What if if our call is going to have multiple seasons so it could easily just be a what if season to So it doesn't necessarily have to be a feature film. Given that we had the disney properties. So yeah it's very true. I mean that's a strong point these. Tv shows killing it. I'm sure everybody is a bit envious of tom. Halston because the character villain character just for the was given this grandiose plot at is just like oh my god now. He's more beloved than odd. Jesus speaking about what if we did get our second episode of what an featuring cha-cha so so i- last week. Both you and i had very similar thoughts about the first episode. Why didn't quite work And then this episode really proved why. Why the first episode didn't work because they're they they twisted in such a beautiful way and then they also had these unexpected touches Like i'm probably the last to know that josh brolin was going to be in this episode and so the moment like they they make thanos appear Oh are you kidding me. They're going there and then slowly but surely not only thanos but suddenly it's also this twisted version of the infinity ward because you see all of What are they called the black art or yeah a start to appear in..

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