Ryan Meredith, Blue Jays, Francona discussed on The Ringer MLB Show - A Tale of Two Streaks (Ep. 108)


You know you we saw last year when big leaned on ryan merit for critical start in the playoffs ryan meredith a soft awesome left the but he was a good match up bitter against the blue jays because he was a lifter you through strikes and had a good curveball uh and they got him into the fifth and then they went to the bullpen and from the playoffs you can do that more i think when you're looking at clemenger no if he is looking like he's not finding this own maybe you can have that quick could go to the pen i do think will what's important is the depth of the bullpen this year because you know as much as francona got praised for his bullpen use last year and rightfully so it was really out of necessity i mean they had couvert and they add tomlin than they had power with a shredded pinky finger and then they had the rest of the rotation injured and clemenger the time wasn't stretched out as a starter bad in in the bullpen for too long so they really needed the bullpen dog is many innings as they did and they it the rain on andrew miller in cody alan as hard as they did at i think was miller currently coming back from knee issue i don't think you're gonna see francona lean on him as heavily as he did in the postseason last year it so i think the depth of arms and the bullpen will become more critical because you know you don't you don't miller already had one setback when he tried to come back from this thing they wanna make sure he's writing get him in some games before the end of the year and you know than when you get to the playoffs maybe not protect ton but protect them a little more than last year when i think.

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