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So that's a total of nine bodies and guess what eight of them are under the age of eighteen. This bad I don't see how I can do it. I don't in trying to determine the next of kin the corner had DNA testing donald all the victims when the results came back the true extent of Marcus West since depravity was family reveal Marcus West and seemed always wanted to be a spiritual leader. Holly Luhya don't we always hear this or a lot of times? He was born in nineteen forty six oldest of four children into what could only be called a dysfunctional family. His Father Benjamin was an abusive alcoholic. Who Never Hell down a steady job and once left the family for several years to live with another man own. The other hand is mother. Carey was a strict seventh day. Adventist who led the Family Daily Bible Studies and would whip the children with an electrical cord. Despite all of this as a child. Marcus was remembered by relatives as kind and a good singer. His favourite game was playing preacher. Marcus dropped out of high school at age. Seventeen and joined the military where he was a medic or ambulance driver. Sources different this. He left the military with an honorable discharge and settled in San Jose California. That's where he met Rosemary. A woman thirteen years old growth than him who had eight friskin children from previous relationships. Don't you find that sexy and I must say is commendable. If you find a woman's chances child or you know you can stand up and be a man about but after eight children. I don't know I don't know but Marcus seemed eager to take on the big family. Since he believed they needed a shepherd to guide them and he was just that shepherd the the two soon had a son together so now we have nine at one point one of Rosemary's older daughters also named Rosemary. So that's not confusing at all struggled with drug addiction. Drop Golf her seven children U. Series. So let's to eight plus seven. And how many does that equal fifteen? Yeah said that Tommy. Children was in the household plus the two adults. So how many is that seventeen? Wow working household you know the house over a very big mansion but it was Rosemary's eight year old daughter Elizabeth. That Marcus was most fixated. No he claimed that God had told him that Elizabeth was his wife and he hailed a home marriage ceremony to the child. He then took her out of school to begin personally quote unquote teaching her. When Elizabeth was twelve he began sexually. Assaulting her shockingly. Rosemary's reaction to this was not to protect your dollar instead she merely insisted that they wait until Elizabeth was of legal age. Fifteen years old get married house. Fifteen years old in some states the ages different the team but at fourteen Elizabeth became pregnant with Marcus baby and the two word as soon as she was of legal age to marry. Marcus would go onto father. Ten more damn children with her before. She reached the age of twenty six before so ten more children before she was in less than twelve years. Okay so this is just wonderful right. I think I need a drink..

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