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So again everybody a very very merry Christmas be safe and happy and have a good time bye bye yeah so that's the alert to get a new phone there'll be metal talking sports okay now I think I've cleared out for it yeah yeah I'm totally clear now I think I've I think I've cleared up and I I could see it now any more questions the email mark journal holes in kids going to be off the hook killed he hides hill I don't know what you think I've got all the answers I know you think that they get everything around here I know I don't I don't know that's the best of my knowledge you will initiate the dark but he says god every time I see walking around I'm a tax is like your does somebody's talking yeah people I don't even know that are talking to you then on like you know those little pilot fish that stick themselves the whales I'm walking down the hallway in the be like you know you like the great white when you're watching shark week and is like a little like salamander thing that's like behind them yeah yeah I would ever more yeah yeah Romario that's what it's called rum mores as says like something from Star Trek yes that's sort of what it's like I I can't help it man can't help it well let's go to Frisco in Flemington joins us on the panel itself Frisco always what's happening we shall thanks first go hard ranger Matt necks and love it all stop with everybody but I never give up I just gotta say there's not watching the giant game the other night I'm watching local three out there god bless them but it's like I felt like it was watching Jose races last year up at the plate down why is he quiet it would blow somebody else out there it didn't I don't care he's seventeen years old there's got to be somebody that most better than in that we could get the truck for the boys back yeah right so yes it seem to you first go I mean this this defense is a mix of very very young guys in over the hill old guys who are playing at a high level which is not a great mix and that's why the defense as bad as it is our goal tree is a vet he's a parole he's great he's a little bit better and run defense as he is covering guys that's for sure I did think that he was the problem initially on the first replay I saw this accurate thing and thought why the hell you have an alkyl which we can covers accurate's within we figured out it was Michael Thomas was an old tree yeah he's just you know he's a captain the defense of the U. takes signals but he's just he's a he's an average football player gets exposed in in in a lot of moments she's only twenty years old we don't we don't twenty eight yeah really yeah well I mean in this defense that's like forty now yeah I thought he was older than that those in his thirties let's go to John and runs it Johnny what's happening brother will be listed you know I wish you guys every morning all season year after year and I'll tell you well more of what you should be doing instead of making fun of berating Jole economies he is basically ninety nine percent accurate and correct but every evaluation regarding the New York Jets and what what goes on with that organization is concerned for the last half century okay he may go crazy with crazy with pastel less we can make nuts on the radio but it is one hundred percent that's why it's on the radio the you know that John right because action it he's on the radio because well passionate that's why he's here I understand that will be you I just listened to you in your of value in the the ravens game tonight and you always say what are you always say it like you don't hear you guys screaming on the phone it against each other sometimes like the way you berated me like all we goes crazy well there's a reason for it and it's not just this year it was a cold how years which I told you before you should be well aware if you experience it were part of and it's been a half a century how much how much more views get state that's the bar that we have set for ourselves all my god we kick it strongly by the ravens tonight we got to be competitive we have to be a look like a real NFL team well they are the best team in the NFL yeah yeah yeah yeah so with this is that the Bengals right we we want you to six and a half point underdogs you don't want to get ugly those the facts Gianna does the facts yeah the bar is that low yes it is well that you know the house it is that I know what I'm as dumb as you always because that can be Yankee fan as much as the judge him whatever it just in my whole life I'm sixty three years old a look but I put up with all my all my life I must be real still masochistic cool it I think that there are there are no health questions ago John you know there's so there's so many of us who root for teams that are losing right now in the midst of losing right now so we all it's not like you guys are the only ones that are feeling you also saw one of the greatest moments in NFL history involving your team yeah and all and and that's something you can never forget I understand that and I agree with that flying once in fifty five years great yeah I know what my god what is trace party with this organization since Super Bowl three is is is there are no words there's none of Jack Daniels in the will is what so judge job you are what you want to do now you want to fire the coach and GM right now and start over no no no no I won't listen that's might be that comes with the point I really wanted to make Joe Douglas is already on the clock yes to repair a roster that is been decimated by its economic Cagney again want yet history about GM's in how they they take care of it the drafting the big hand out free agent contract and he has to go ahead and repair all of their roster especially on the offense of wine which is where it all started the day will fix your offensive line we get away said Donald John I guarantee you he well that would be his first that will be as first priority that you can you can bank all yeah if you if you sat down John if you had an audience with Joe Douglas you said I gonna fix this team is first answer I would absolutely echo boomers sentiment he'd say we got to fix the offense of white so don't worry about it then I I believe it at this point I believe in Joe Douglas because everybody else in football believe in jobs I was when I got that job you know I I believe in Joe Douglas away that I believe in Jeff Gordon what he's done with the Rangers yeah I believe in Joe Douglas the way that you know and and Joe has been around long enough but the way that little number lows running the islanders you know I I I get it there there is a history there that shows you that he knows how to build office of the defense of wise because of his worries Bannan whose work for and and now the question is do you get the right guys that's what wrote really comes down to you have to you're doing in Yemen capital and you hope that you get the right high character guys you know that's that's all I can tell you and that's that the Rangers in the middle of doing that I guarantee you right now this is Jeff teams go look a lot different it is a huge strapped for him and I'm sure he's thrilled because is the first time that the block is gonna stop with him he's been a part of great organizations he was with the bears use with the eagles that you didn't spend some time browsing knew some too Gaston who started with the array right so he's been around great general managers and now he finally he gets he's this is a shot and I know this for a fact he was a part of the ravens where he was I don't see a lower and scout but he was responsible him and his group for the undrafted free agents your and they found a lot of great ones back right it and they would feel they would feel I can bold it would be like a a competition are you draft these guys that's great we're bringing in these guys and a lot of these guys that were bringing in order to make the team and they did and they will be on drafted low low cost you know free agents that are going to make the team better now you gotta put them those type some guys like aboard Scott for instance sure you got to put that type of guy that type of hunger that type of attitude with the right guys that are already there that are getting paid you know that's the thing that ray Lewis had written ray Lewis impacted everybody on that on that roster when you came in that building and you won out the practice so you you played on Sunday if you didn't stick your head in there yes what you did not want to be in a meeting on Monday watching that tape because ray Lewis is going to call you out yeah that's one thing we tend to forget about jet situation the timing of I would have loved Joe Douglas to have this offseason with the draft and free agency but he didn't and you can't go back in time but it would he hasn't had an opportunity to do anything yet many brought in a couple of guys because at some holes in the roster you know Ryan clearly had to go and get out of retirement yeah they'd he made that trade for they'd hair stand I mean he's dumb the has a chance to really do anything so now let's just let's let's remember that this new regime and and he built a front office there with guys like Phil savage are also very very well restricted in football yeah that hasn't had a chance to put their finger prints on the organization yet and and that's all I resent and you have to remember that and it's it's unfortunate that the jets have got to go through this again but I I think you know for both the jets and the giants I'd like to think that they have their young quarterback decision settled that's the good news is so mean that Sam continues to grow and continues to get better you know this is a rookie year for Daniel Jones and there's a lot more good than there is bad and we found we tend to focus on the bad but I'm telling you right now he's light years ahead of where many of us were when we were rookies and you can see it you could sit on the feel the way he carries himself so I I would say that both of the team's got the most important position taking care of now they have to build around the young QB's you know to take some of the pressure off of all right it is rumored G. on the fantasy B. S. sports network out some of these prop bets on FanDuel sports book Sam Donald Abbas seventy plus yard completion one seven hundred our Jackson and a fifty yard or more rush plus a one.

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