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I think the the tricky question of cabinet is that he really he sacrificed career and Nike has stepped in as this sort of corporate benefactor. Yeah, it's uncomfortable. I definitely don't blame him for taking money from Nike because he is effectively blacklisted from his chosen profession. I see it from his perspective as this is an opportunity to have a really powerful backer help spread his message on. I definitely wish that the Nike commercial had like touched on police brutality against black people like it didn't really. It just sort of year advertisement is very, you know, I should say kapernick. He narrates the the main commercial. Yeah, but it's all like if very good people say you can't do something, you should do it. You know, it's like it's like all of these vignettes about, we'll say, you're bad at basketball, just play basketball, some more in the ABI, Ron j you know what I mean? If that the commercial is that kind of sentiment. And so it's like you take believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything as a tagline and you look at cabernet, can you understand what the. Stakes of that art and his innocence, but then the just do it campaign universalize is that sentiment to be about athletic commitment. It, you know, it's very hard kids way to where it's like you should. You should try our hardest than do your best so that you can excel. Yeah, and that's a again, it's it's like an appropriate message, but it also feels like a reductive again, it's like a child if occasion of wit happening, specific usage of that sort of messaging. Yeah, it's definitely turning very pointed activism into advertising for shoes. Right. What do you think like he bought into this? Because I think Nike knew that this would result in sales bump, or I mean, they couldn't know for certain. Obviously, it was a gamble. In terms of like how this campaign would be received, but like Nike is Nike, Michael Bowman, who like are very smart sportswriter colleague wrote about this and one one thing that he wrote that really stuck with me was he said, you can't build a multibillion dollar company from scratch and fifty four years of social Justice as anything approaching a primary concern. Companies like Nike are by nature aggressively amoral when I think he's spot on, and I think that Nike assess the situation and determined that more people would buy Nike shit because of this ad. And that was the bottom line. If they assess the situation and thought that more people would buy Nike shit if they're ad was like stand for the. Yeah. Why would like I don't think that someone at Nike is like actually invested in this 'cause or maybe they are, but they're not invested in this caused above selling actually is an interesting word in that case is I mean they are actually invested in so much as investment is paying governor that is an actual investment, but it's more like, are they spiritually or they politically invested and if anything, I think there there are two ways look at it, right? It's like at best you can say there may be not politically invested in the same way or in the same spirit that happening is, but they're visited like passively financially invested in. And at worst, you can look at Nike and say in the long term, does this actually undermined the messaging? Is this undermine caps outlook on his protests as a way to get more people talking. About police brutality, if the Maki advertisements are going to come along and reconnect showlights his words as being about like encouraging kids to play tennis or whatever..

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