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All right, so eight eight zero eight zero five six seven eight we'll get your reaction just one second Washington Post had a story about this. And this is, you know, one of the reasons I came to my my conclusion Washington Post headline a tip from a concerned citizen helps reportedly a scoop of a lifetime. Really? Patrick Howley editor in chief of the website. Big-league politics is like I told her I want to report this, right? He said, quote, it's very easy to explain a concerned citizen. Not a political opponent came to us, and pointed this out, it was very I was very offended by the photo because I don't like racism. So you made the point to saying, I'm not downing this guy. This guy is a conservative website. Not not a political opponent concerned citizen really out of nowhere. And you know, again, Republicans ran against this guy, and they couldn't find this. And I don't know where concerned citizen does. Democrats found all kinds of stuff in the yearbook of brick Cavanaugh. Couldn't find anything about this guy in his in his medical school yearbook. I think I think it's I think it's a setup. Is a setup and the media is helping with it. They're talking about the black face instead of the abortion stuff. And then is by far the most offensive thing Tyler or is waiting. Welcome to KFC. Hello tyler. Hi, how you doing? All right. So I think you're dead on on this thing. The funny thing is we know that Democrats just like Republicans they do research on their own candidate. They know how to fight any kind of thing if it comes up, so they they knew that he had had the yearbook thing. And then they decided that he was ready to be put under the bus. So I I guarantee to you what happened here, you're dead on this. But there is. So disgusting what he said about newborn in them. And that's really what the problem is here. And they're trying to distract you, man. Like, I'm I'm glad you see it that way. I didn't think I'd be the only one now you're exactly right on this. And that and that's on CNN yesterday. I don't know if you saw it, but Jake tapper had his state of the union thing, and the and one of the ladies there for some reason was they were talking about this. But one of the ladies who was talking there is on the board of directors partner, all pro choice miracle. Yeah. Which is the biggest abortion advocacy group in the US. Yup. Narrow and and when the Republican brought up when the Republican brought up this is other things. She's like, oh, you're just changing the subject like her whole purpose in life. It's the talk about abortion. But whenever he actually brought up the abortion thing. She wanted to go back to the racism issue of this guy. Mike, the whole black based thing and blaming. She blamed it on Trump voters somehow interesting, so. Okay. Like, a spin it you the president's someone that's racist. This guy was racist. It's because they were more than a couple of lawmakers that when they were asked about this guy doing black face. They brought up the president's racist. Which what does the president do with anything? I he's not racist. But what does that have do with anything that happened thirty seven years ago nothing but again distract? We'll go your checkout at state of the union the show with with that little article. I thought I read state they had a thing on it. But okay. This is absolutely appalling. But you're dead on. Oh, thank they have the information on the yearbook thing for this guy. They had to have known that. How it got out there? They put it out there self and put this guy under the bus. Yup. To distract. I'm with you. They thank you the tip on that Tyler breeze, Shannon. Thank you so much have a great day. That's amazing So Nero. Yeah. The biggest pro-abortion group in America. They brought an expert on who wanted to talk about race. I'm telling you this. The Democrats have blown it. They know it, and they know it, and it's awful, and it needs to be exposed in bitchy Trump's going to expose that tomorrow. The state of the union. I bet it's all going to happen. I'll get then we're going to play some sound bites. This guy is such a dork. We'll just just just to hear some of the things he was he was asked to moonwalk because he said he dressed in black face for Michael Jackson, dancing contest. You got to hear how all this stuff went down. We'll do when we get back seventy two on AM seven hundred let me just tell you tomorrow night state of the union. We're going to be at Mr. Ron's from five until seven o'clock, and then once seven o'clock hits it Mr. Ron's all the TV's in the bar area, and the patio volume on up and the president's state of the union will be there have you ever experienced one of our. Debate watching parties election night party state of the union watching parties, they are huge. They are fun. It's better than what honestly the Super Bowl was boring as hell tomorrow night will not be it's people. They when the president says something great that shearing that happens. It's something about being together with a whole bunch of like minded people. And and just the energy in the room. It's it's like a game. You can relax and have a good time. But you get into it. You could share? You don't have to worry about people, judging you and everything else. It's just a good time and we're going to do tomorrow night. And Mr. Ron's Ryan, I'll be there from five until seven they opened it four. I would get there as early as you can to make sure you get a seat because it fills up the bar area. The patio will be drink specials food specials extended happy hour two dollar beers from five to six and then when the president starts talking again this great Japanese steakhouse at oracle russillo will be the headquarters for the state of union watching party. So join us tomorrow night at Mr. ions five until seven and then Don starts talking at seven find out more, Mr. onto sun dot com. Fox news. I'm Chris.

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