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Would be ideal. Good out of gene in Kansas Hygiene. You're on ground zero high on first time listener. Actually, about three weeks I've been listening to you and the UFO stuff is very interesting. And a couple of years ago I heard that the term fighters came from the bomber and fighter crews over Europe in World War two. Both side That they saw us. Of course they didn't calm us all the time that they couldn't identify what kind of fighters they were. So they called him following fighters right? Which became fighters. I wonder if any of your listeners are experts have heard that Yes, but the the Foo Fighter. I think the food fighter name came from a comic book. Actually, there was a guy. Ah Ah, it was a comic book called A Smokey Stover, The Foo Fighter. I believe He's a firefighter or something. But the radar. People there in the military actually were readers of Smokey Stover. And that's where they got the name. Foo Fighters. A phony fighter. They don't know what it was that interesting. Yeah, So is the idea that You know if you look up, In fact, I had to look it up just to see if it's there because I could be wrong. See Smokey Stover, Smokey Stover claim claim playing Smokey Stover, the Foo Fighter. Oh, phooey. But it was the bomber and fighter crews over Europe. I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah. Was it was the foreign 59 Fighter squadron. Okay. Well, I wonder if military stuff like that attract their attention. If there really are extraterrestrial flying around out there are military stuff over the years attract their attention, like wars and I'll hang up and listen. You know, I I would say, you know, maybe, of course. Why would you be attracted to our atomic bombs? They certainly were. You the Foo fighters, Though there was speculation of the longest time there were phantom rockets that were basically sent out by the Germans. And then, of course, came the German saucer. The story's so you know, it gets pretty interesting how it all goes down. Sir. Does thank you very much. Thank you for being so informed. Yeah. Smokey Stover old comic book. I don't we have any. We can find. A pdf of that We could put that in our library it aftermath that meeting, But we have put some new things in there. In fact, I was just going into aftermath to see what treats we have for everybody. So I'm going to aftermath right now. We're on the air. We got a few seconds. Do we or don't we do? I'm gonna go in there. Hold on second and what? We got new. It's interesting we got okay. Ah, we just threw in Flying saucers. Ariel by Donald Ki ho. The book is in there overlords of the UFO's alternative. Three A movie and killers from Space, Big Peter grazes and Killers from Space. That's an old B movies. So Killers from Space Alternative three overlords of the UFO and The Flying Saucer is a real book, An old book by Donald Ki Ho is now an aftermath top media just because of what the military is saying right now. The Pentagon is saying right now, about how you know this is a story that is gonna be, uh in the New York Times. Ah, The UFO mystery is being revealed Little by little As I said before. You know it is. We're talking about these You know these? Whatever they are these artifacts they're not of this earth. I'm thinking this is this could eventually be used for political reasons. I mean, this may be why We're getting this crash course in disclosure from the mainstream media because there's some political value, I think in digging up UFO stories of disclosing the possibility of the military has in their possession machine's been on this world and, you know New York Times Best place to throw this down. I mean, Look after 1947 men were just looking back at the Betty and Barney Hill case, and we were doing it because 1947 July I guess you could go into June to June was, of course, the Mari Island affair. Then we had the Kenneth Arnold sightings over the Pacific northwest to Pacific Northwest stories. Then immediately we go to the Southwest. And New Mexico with Roswell and now Roswell or the Crashing Corona happened in July of 1947. And you don't think the President Truman wasn't concerned about how this would look to the public?.

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