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As as teeny kid. I was properly six years old or something like that to harlequin and in the full soup with the red and the black little bells and everything like the whole old school suit that we know and love and i loved it. She had a full gesture suit and the way she talked with. So peculiar to me especially. Because i'm from europe so american accents and different american accents can be very interesting and she had just such a way of saying like hey putin and this how she said putin every time to the joker just caught me. I just fell in love and they've never fallen out of love with her couldn't in each iteration that has followed since them. Yeah so that's my intro to harlequin the that men animated series cool so you started out with the very very beginning of the character yes it was first originated. Yeah yeah. I didn't even know that she wasn't part of the comic books. Back then for me was just like oh. She's always been there when i got older and got into comics and got more background information. I understood that she wasn't even part of the comics. They wrote her into the series and then later created background and added her into comic universes wall. So that was amazing to murals. Like oh is there for a little bit of history but yeah no it started for me with the animated series especially because back then. I didn't have any access to comex at that age here in the netherlands. It's pretty hard to get comics. In general you have to go to a specialty shop. At least if you wanna get american comics. Manga and stuff are easier to get in european comics or strips as we call them. Those are easier to get but american comics. You really had to go to the specialty shops so that was hard. Get by so yeah. The animated series was. We'll do this on tv every week. All right so up next. I would like danielle to tell me how she. I fell in love with harley quinn as a character well i think the two different questions that howard was. I i introduced. Her was also in an animated show and it was the version. Raviol- was talking about where she's in the full harlequin costume and hangs on jokers every word and she never made an impression. As that for me. I was just like this portrayal of women but when the first harlequin movie came out with margot robbie think that would be suicide squad and they portrayed her as a totally different character where she was a standing on her own and had her own ideas and was going to become this villain in her own right. That's when i fell in love with her very cool and you really particularly loved that representation of her i did. I loved that reservation for the idea that she could be powerful and intimidating. That was a big deal from her. Most of my life people have told me in not a flattering way that i was too intimidating and so to see this female character represented as both a sex symbol and intimidating. Was really something that drew me in. It was like oh this is great. And the way that she uses the men around her uses their attention to draw them in just to that she can kick their ass. I those fantastic. And i loved everything about the way that they designed her costume getting rid of the harlequin look and going for just totally different image with the red and the blue pig tails and ball the facial tattoos and all that kind of stuff. I was just like yes. This is my villain nice..

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