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Today sexual infidelity would not be viewed as the atomic bomb was back then so maryland associated with powerful men became a target of interest to the enemies of those powerful men they taught to destroy their career and they would you know what I mean to Catholic after week boys screwing around and come up this time remember all knew she was being watched by the FBI Mafia and private detective actress she was feeling uneasy and thought maybe or like would be threatened hello and welcome to episode six of the killing of Marilyn Monroe. I'm Jackie Moran your host for this series in previous episodes. We've seen how Maryland used her power over men to escape life of loneliness and abuse as a foster child and and then to help her gain a career in the movies where she became the greatest sex symbol of her generation I just his asking for more aw but my heart belongs to by nineteen sixty two however and with three failed marriages marriages behind her Marilyn's tangled love life had put her at the center of a deadly circle of power. Maryland becomes very important in American politics because very early in nineteen sixty she meets and is entrenched by John F. Kennedy by Senator Kennedy she was having an affair with him with Frank Sinatra with people in the rat pack and she became a fixture in Hollywood. She certainly had outta stairs with a lot of powerful people and Was it something that she got so embroiled in their affairs that she had threatened to you. Expose them or talk about them to the press or admit to knowing some secrets about the mafia or the government or Oranje of these other things we're going to examine how Maryland's affairs with the president and his attorney general brother as well as her relationships with Frank Sinatra and Chicago Kogo mob boss Sam Giancana in the supposedly communist activities of ex husband. Arthur Miller drew the attention of notorious. FBI Director J Edgar Hoover and we'll we'll see how this all made her the most important player in these figures deadly power games against each other and put her at the heart of the most devastating political conspiracy conspiracy in American history. There were intertwined orbits of influence that indeed Oursel- murky that I don't think anyone will ever or no forces countermanding one another. Everybody had an angle. Everybody has something to protect to hide Maryland had begun a passionate affair with JFK as early as nineteen sixty but by the time of her infamous happy birthday Mr President performance at Madison Square Garden in May nineteen sixty two he he had become alarmed by her increasing indiscretion and broke things off brother. Bobby was there to pick up the pieces she obviously was fascinated sided with and had a relationship with John F. Kennedy and then Bobby Kennedy followed suit as well the Kennedy Brothers have a uh-huh modus operandi when it came to women whereas Jack would begin in a relationship with a particular woman and then pass her on to bobby. JFK It was one that she hard out. You and Bobby was a one that came along and picked up the crumbs. You might say however however by August nineteen sixty two when bobby also threatened to pull the plug on their relationship. Maryland decided to fight fire with fire. It was to prove a terrible terrible mistake. Here's author in Hollywood historian. Bill birds when Bobby Kennedy breaks off the fair in nineteen sixty two Maryland is so upset she calls the Justice Department to leave a message with Bobby Kennedy threatening the Kennedy brothers with public public exposure of cheers with her. If they don't acknowledge the affairs in public opinion return phone call drew about bobby no room in my life. Maybe I should stop being a coward myself. Maryland's threat went beyond simply exposing the affairs. She claimed that the Kennedys pillow talk included state secrets and worse Maryland San Ed that when she and Jack Kennedy were together she would whisper things to her that were classified state secrets for example Boca. She threatened Bobby Kennedy with going public by saying that the president told her that the CIA was planning planning to kill Cuban President Fidel Castro sent. She said this she said on the message. 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Moore won in their category with over three hundred businesses on trust pilot and hurried up cert dot com slash monroe to find out how your up spurt rate is checking. Your rate only takes a few minutes and won't affect your credit. That's upstart dot com slash monroe and if the Kennedys indiscretions had given Maryland what she thought was leverage over the two most powerful men in the country it was also in danger of turning those former lovers into her enemies and her affairs with the brothers were also proving useful for other interested parties celebrity biographer Mark Bego so there's this whole speculation about how close she was to the mob because of Frank Sinatra how close she was to you the Kennedy brothers. It's certainly something that could have been done if that was their scheme to use Maryland's closeness as some sort of leverage for legislation of some sort Sinatra of course took advantage of her and then lover it all and beat her up. He was is living in the compound molly with hills somewhere and every time she visited him Joe Dimaggio with the outside outside waiting for her because she was worried about frank. Sinatra had a very very complicated always accusations of being associated with the mob. Bob The cal Neva Lodge the Las Vegas singing engagements casinos were always accused of being associated with the mob for Sam Giancana. 's Mafia outfit Maryland's affair with not one but two Kennedy brothers was the stuff of black mailing dreams they saw her as a weapon with which they could could take down both the president and Attorney General of the United States Danforth Prince Monroe expert and publisher of Maryland at Rainbow's end sex lies murder murder and the great cover up gene connell was not particularly interested in any of Maryland's run of the mill sexual peccadilloes but he was passionately interested in anything that might embarrass or incriminate President John F. Kennedy and Kennedy's brother Robert. The Attorney General of the United States are of K had already launched a major major investigation into organized crime in America and Jean Kahn. Oh as head of the Chicago Crime Syndicate one of his primary targets there was a theory to mob killed the mob love to and used because they want to destroy the Kennedys they already had Lyndon Johnson lined up for presidency they control like four or five presence agency that I know of that all got very murky in a way that Showbiz and politics it was all complicated Stu and murky mass us of unions and presidential elections and Hollywood donors and mobsters and who gets what singing gigs wear and what money is made casinos gambling licences are granted or not Marilyn's affairs with the Kennedy brothers plus her lasting relationship with Sinatra had put her at the heart of of the so-called murky mess of intrigue between the President and Attorney General the Mafia and Sinatra's rat pack. Here's lowest banner author of Maryland. The Passion the paradox there were a lot of people angry with her including the Kennedys the FBI CIA was pretty mad and some of her friends. We're angry with her. They were all angry because of the involvement with the Kennedys and the fact that she knew national secrets and that she was going to reveal them. It feels she was going to reveal them at her phone tapped and now a new player was to enter the game one who saw Marilyn Monroe as a means of leverage against each Glenn of those other parties the FBI had a file on her especially if she did or said anything that could embarrass the the office of the president and being as she had an obvious affair with JFK. I think really got the FBI motivated to try and come up with a smear campaign formerly classified files released by the FBI in the nineteen eighties reveal that the bureau's all powerful director J J. Edgar Hoover saw in Maryland a means to further his own power plays Hollywood historian Bill Burns Explains J. Edgar Hoover was out to get the Kennedys he was dictated that the Kennedys he was taping Marilyn Monroe's phone calls and he was also looking into into Marilyn Monroe's relationship with the rat pack with Frank Sinatra Dean Martin with Peter Lawford with Joey Bishop with Sammy Davis Junior. He was looking getting into that because J. Edgar Hoover was business partners with Mafia boss Frank Costello in a race track in Florida. I think that if she was bugged I won't be surprised if it was over because he was very controlling all stars and he had a hand and all that he also was very the Anti Kennedy so he might have been looking for something that could damage them. Poodle was completely compromised in this but he wanted to keep tabs on Marilyn Monroe Enro- both for the Kennedys.

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