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All right after the break. I want to get deeper into your big board. Mike and i want to examine the radically different paths. That modern prospects are taking to get there. Goodyear believes in the power of moving forward. No matter if it's on the court the track or the fields movement makes us want to be more. It pushes us to go further to show the world what we can do. Movement has the unique ability to change our perspective to challenge us to work for a better tomorrow. Movement can even bring us together when we're still because if we're focused on the next move we don't have to worry about. What's behind us. Goodyear more driven so when you spin around the globe otherwise mike and you look at your big board. Who else do you want us to know about in this draft. Because there's some other names. That are really intriguing. But i'm curious in your grab bag now of candidates here who else is like worthy of lottery consideration. There's a handful of names in and we can do. Maybe rapid-fire here but jonathan kamenga is like. He's this kind of wild card in this draft. You know he's the one that everyone's trying to figure out. Where is he going to go. And what type of player is he going to be so six foot eight wing originally born in congo a move to the united states as a as a young teen and started off. Julie bubble like i was getting text after tax sand like. Why don't you guys have committed number one. Like he's he's the best prospect you know. He had i want us in one thousand nine points four assists in his first game. Twenty four six in foreign is next twenty three thirteen in his next. So like he was gangbusters to start out the g. league bubble. And then tell off a little bit you know and and you started to see some more of the flaws in terms of the shooting consistency. The decision making the defensive motor and so he has a wide range. I mean some people think he might fall closer toward the back. Second half of the top ten. Maybe all the way to eight nine ten. I think that's crazy talk. I mean the kid still average sixteen seven and three in the g. league at his age as not easy to do but he's he's the one to have an eye on on draft night just because he's got this wide range and he's incredibly talented so he's he's certainly a guy i'm watching and then just a couple of quick names josh giddy The six seven point guard out of australia. He's a guy with with a decent amount of buzz who is maybe the best passer in the draft. The last one who is another kind of polarizing guy who you could see going the top six is james book night out of out of yukon. I think teams are trying to figure out. Is this guy jordan. Clarkson like just. He's just going to be a bench bucket. That's who he is new york kid. He's got that new york swaggering game Or is he going to turn into like a more complete player. Like a devon booker. You know like can he. Can he become that. Is he going to be the next guy who people just saw. As maybe a score and then he continues to develop and become a better passer and become a better defender. So he's another divisive guy. That i'm definitely going to have my eye on. And i think has one of the higher upside prospects projected outside the top five so outside of the top five of the top ten top thirty. I mean something that happens. Every draft mike. If we're honest with ourselves here is that some seemingly random second rounder ends up being somebody that we all pay attention to in the nba. Nickel yokich of course goes from second round. Mvp that's an extreme extreme case. But i think of khris middleton who you mentioned as the floor a jalen green. That guy was a second round or two was the closer for the bucks. Of course winning the title. I know it's almost impossible to say who you don't like enough to make a first round but you think is good enough to be one of these guys but who is under the radar that sort of in your craw that you still don't know what to do with that has really high upside all right. I'm gonna give you a couple of guys here okay. And they're not all projected in the second round but they're kind of some of them are in the fringe. Maybe one a little higher. That i just wanna hit on so bones highland Oh i love that name already. I don't know anything else about him. But his name's bones. And i am in is the best i mean he. So named sean is his name is his first name. Goes by bones so he is from delaware. Okay the pride of delaware in dante. David chen zotov delaware greats but he led the world on fire at the nba combine. I mean like pull up three after. Pull up three threatened. The needle would pass his using his length and he's incredibly confident. He won conference player of the year. He shoots it from thirty five feet. He's really skinny. He needs to improve defensively. A little rough around the edges but crazy backstory man like he was basically had had a house fire in delaware when when he was when he was coming up through the ranks in highschool and lost a few family members had to jump out of his house and had sustained a really bad injury in the midst of his high school career that kind of led to him slip through the cracks a little bit and he ends up at. Vcu and improves and here. He is a you know potential first round pick. I think you can make an impact right away Day ron sharpe is another guy. Look at at unc. He was a potential lottery. Pick a best rebounder in the draft. Big body great hands. Great touch play that north carolina where they usually play multiple big. So i think he might look better in the nba. And the last one. I wanna hit on. Okay yeah al peren shangkun. I'm highly intrigued by the turkish big man that i went to spend some time with this year out in istanbul. We have him as a potential lottery. Pick but i think he's worth talking about because schengen. He was that like overweight productive. Kid who always put up numbers on the fiba circuit. And you'd say all right like i don't know what to make of this. He'll probably be good in europe and then this season starts any dropped over twenty pounds and was putting up historic numbers in the turkish league. Which isn't really what it used to be. But still a very good level okay. Eighteen points eight rebounds three assists sixty five percent from two steel and a half block and a half in like twenty eight minutes. I mean he won. Mvp of the church league at eighteen years old right. and so. here's this kid who doesn't completely look the part. But i went back there like three times on my european trip because i was like man. I need a figure him out more. I was so intrigued. And i remember sitting there at a practice and just watching him knocked down like step back. Threes and thread the needle with behind the back passes and unlike if you squint hard enough okay. There's like a little bit of like a mini yokich. At times with with what he does and the footwork in the way he moves. and so. I'm just like enamored with what this kid is gonna be calm and listen. Maybe he's like a backup center forever just rebounds and gets roasted defensively but if he lands in the right situation there's something a little bit special about his hands is touch and feel and that's what i'm going to be watching as he progresses so the international route has always been something of a mystery to us americans but it strikes me mike in this latter part of our conversation. Now that a couple of guys who've been discussing in jalen green jonathan kamenga. They're coming from an entirely brand new mysterious developmental pipeline. Here in america called the g. league ignite and you had joined us in january to explain that whole program which is run by the nba but its existence speaks to this larger upheaval. We're seeing in college basketball and the entire experience of being draft prospect in the first place. So let's take stock of that for a moment remind our listeners if you could the g. league night is and brings up to speed about how that.

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