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Slash bbq central show on facebook. As we think Robin for joining us this past segment. She had made mention of some creepy grandma account. Now months ago. Could it be a year now? Already it could. I mean definitely months ago. I mean it could be a year I. Guess. But. What I'm here to tell you is. We have tease. I. Talked to Robin Three hours ago or four hours ago. In. Preparation for this segment. And, we agree that we were going to connect the different way. Whatever Go. And right at the end she said, Hey, maybe we can finally talk about that instagram account that we've been teasing months and months and months. Well, we didn't come to that again so. I will now tease it again. Next month, there is a potential opportunity that we will talk about some creepy instagram account that Robin was GonNa talk about months and months ago, we might not get into it. But we might get into it. Who knows. But. I will say that out loud. We might talk about. Here's something I was wondering who was going to notice when I didn't scroll back through all the comments. Guy. Chisholm. Rights. Green shirt. Equals no green screen. I could never wear the shirt before. There was no way. I was ever going to wear the shirt. I mean I, wear it except that. It would. You would just see. The neck up. The shirt would blend in with green screen, I would get keyed out in a heartbeat. So that's why we've moved to the completely natural fabric brick. Which, I think looks pretty good. Very happy with it. I'm very happy with the whole setup I, wish you could see the confidence monitor that I have set up. It's huge. It's a, it's a normal television, just running out from the tower to the computer. Or to the screen. So if somebody were to come in to this portion of the Studio Aka, the unfinished basement, they could pull up a chair slap on some headphones and then watched the show on television. then. If I guess I can just angle it and they can see the show happening as it is. Because seeing it like this, you know all you know you can see bricks over here. You can see the light. You know. Too. Little, unprofessional. But. Not from the head on view, it looks very professional, of course. So. Without the green screen I'm free to widen by. Wardrobe choices if you will. So. We'll see how that works out. I might be wearing a lot. I. Had a lot of these five of these shirts. Red One, blue one, a grey one. Green one. Another one that I can think of right off the top of my head, but it's probably one of those normal collars. So. I can start wearing those now and it's going to be very exciting. Episode One, hundred and thirty, six taking you back to August fifth twenty fourteen. This'll be coming up Friday on the best moments of the barbecue central show the most raved about shows. In the history of this show have always been competition barbecue roundtables and the format. I would ask the three top pitmasters from each kcbs category to come on the show, and for an hour, they would break down and share the entire recipe technique for cooking. Whatever protein we were discussing that night. In this episode, we talk brisket with the top three at the time Donnie brave from Warren County, pork choppers, I. Don't know if he's still competing at this point, but he was a runner-up for team of the year. I think the next year, he was actually team of the year so. In, his timeframe, one of the most successful competition cooks and traveled all over the country to do. It gave some really great prices from what I understand had a great setup in Kentucky. Probably still has a great setup in duckie. Jason. Goal from G.. Q. Barbecue was in and rounding out the panel was Jim. Eleazar from sweet smoke Q.. Both are currently competing Jason a lot more into the restaurant side of things, but when he can fit it in under a normal calendar year. We'll get some contests in still is Highly Professional. It's like highly. That's all right. We got area code eight, zero, one name and where you're calling from. Lake City Salt Lake City. WHO's this? Lee Anthony Luhan. The Anthony Lewis. What can I do for owner? What happened? If you've called the show would happen? Well. First of all, I should've had my skype on mute. So you wouldn't have heard the skype tones come in, and then I get a notification that there's a call coming in and I decided at that very moment. Do I wanNA break format of the take that I'm in and received the phone call or do I just let it go to voicemail and continue on carrying the show as I normally do. But I will I was encouraged. I was encouraged to pick up the phone and LO and behold it's smoke ain't no jokes pit master, the Anthony. Third. So. This past weekend anthony. I did did. I beat my son. That's all that matters saw finally was a day contest or was it a barbecue contest or what? Sea. event. Yes. It was I was able to pick up a check as well to took fourth out of thirty nine teams. What does that what? Was that what? Does that get you? Hundred Fifty Bucks you know. Back. That's. What. I didn't get the message from rosty that I was Gonna be repaying his entry fee. Did you notice a a large influx of straight up sears on steaks or no? Actually. I didn't There's only two serious stakes that I know of in rusty with one of them, and he did not perform as expected and he does not WanNa talk about it anymore. So we'll move on from AL, right. I'll be making a special note to bring that up in the fourth Tuesday of the month about searing stakes. No doubt about it. You'RE GONNA be competing this coming weekend anthony. Not. This. Weekend on taking the weekend off though where they've been going on around here. So I think they can have the following weekend. So how many teams are in that right now you know. So far from what I've heard. There's Pushing close to thirty so we'll.

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