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Insurrection. The government is also level. The charge against scores of individuals not accused of attacking police destroying property. There you go but facing some of the most egregious allegations such as occupying the senate chamber sitting in the vice president chair targeting government officials. But they're also if that's not bad enough bring against individuals who did no such thing they say prosecutors have sought to distinguish such acts from protests related civil disobedience. They really results in prison. Time more politically charged with offenses such sedition but defendants. In at least eight cases have moved to dismiss the count. They assert the joint house and senate session that met. January six does not qualify as an official preceding congress that the laws unconstitutionally vague on its face or as applied that it does not cover individuals alleged illegal actions among other things and it goes on and it goes on now. You want to hear about an insurrection. Bob woodward robert costa. We'll have a book out next week. The way woodward does these things as he's able to shake down public officials. Put the story out on cnn. Or the washington post or both then every media platform picks it up and this is his second or third book. Trash president trump and it's going to be a massive bestseller huge vessel. Because that's how would does what word would we're does. Here's my confusion. If you're a journalist you've special information about news events that have taken place. Why aren't those appearing in the washington. Post robert kosta is a journalist. So-called for the washington post. Why did they wait for a book. Seriously i'm not a journalist. I don't have a newspaper that i write for. I don't write gossip. I write about theory and philosophy and activism. So it's a book called parallel. Shot it shooting to the top of the list. Everybody's talking about everybody's pushing it this is how woodward gets we're woodward gets. He holds back kosta. Hold back information others of these so-called journals. Hold back information so they do a big book which is kind of strange so i don't buy books like this at the same time about a week or two later this stephanie griffin coming out with a book who was press secretary to the first lady press secretary of the president then back to press secretary the first lady and their leaking stuff out of there. Oh my god we've got more private information about the family. And so forth on who trump and milania and the family and the disloyal no character morality whatsoever and match being pumped. Meanwhile the democrats are close to transforming this nation of something. You won't recognize. We've american citizens hostages overseas the borders wide open with hundreds of thousands of month coming into this country with covert and other illnesses bankrupt. This country they want to pack the supreme court and this is what we focused on. This is what we focus on for. September and october it shameless. And so your washington post reporter isaac stanley becker. Now what kind of reporters this is extend becker. He's being handed spoon-fed cherry pick parts of this book written by woodward and kosta with obviously the most provocative information that they can provide and this becomes a news story from two news guys who were supposed to reporting it as a matter of course is a matter routine so this is now a news story. This is exactly what daniel burstein from a director library. Congress professor chicago meant by pseudo events. This has no news that they're going to say. The substance of the book is news worthy but if the substance of the book is newsworthy. Why didn't they reported earlier. Now they have in here twice in the final months of the trump administration. The country's top military officer was so fearful of the president's actions might spark a war with china that he moved urgently to avert armed conflict in a pair of secret phone calls journal. Mark a milley. The chairman of the joint chiefs staff shortage chinese counterpart generally schick of the people's liberation army that the united states would not strike according to a new book by washed post associated editor. Bob woodward and national political reporter robert costa's associate editor kostas a political report and save it a book. One call took place october. Thirty twenty twenty and other one january. Eight twenty twenty one now. This is newsworthy. The news element here is in trumpets. Milly it's meli. Who tried to leave it insurrection. It's milley who tried to lead a coup a military dictatorship. There was no reason to warn the chinese.

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