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Dome. Damn TV ads ad nauseam in the panhandle where he needed it is that you feel about my comment back to miss Silvester. Well, if it's the they're not related events that his consultants work for one of of my opponents, and he will most certainly come to this district. Most certainly the Permian basin to raise money when people Midland call me and say, you know, that senior persons cherry on the the finance deal is is important to everybody and certainly everybody in in the district. We have some real transportation problems in the Permian basin. But that's the way politics go Jay after the end of of the last session. This didn't come as a complete surprise. I wasn't sitting there the other day in shock disappointment. Maybe but not shock. You know, how many higher education? How many components pirates -cation or in your district in Senate thirty one? Well, there's seven community colleges into universities, those being west Texas, saying them and and university of Texas Permian basin. I do an awful lot of things with with people in constituents at Texas Tech because of its size and importance in in the fact that he's becoming more and more prominent in the state in the nation in it needs to be nurtured. You know, you do. I mean, there's an old myth that. Bob Duncan when he was chancellor had a caught in your office. Yeah. Just in case he needed it. While he was down there. No doubt that you've done a lot. And do a lot for Texas Tech university. Tell me. Me. And there's so many things I wanna get into here kill, but. Tell me this is what I hear. I was telling Austin a week or two ago. People call you a free agent that you're going to just lineup vote. The way that you wanna vote, and it may be. With the dims on public education in in tax caps. Or maybe. Whatever other legislation comes up. I find that a little bit problematic because it's not like you were all the sudden a free agent. I think free agencies what got you into the situation in the first place. You're right. Tell us about free agency in kill Seliger. I'm a conservative Republican. And that's what my gender is going to look like I am not so sort of of drone. I'm not owned by empower Texans. And I don't sit around pay close attention to their score court. Like, so many of my Republican colleagues, and I won't I will vote my district and public education estate has got to have somebody on the Republican side about I'll to stand up for the five point eight million kids in our public schools one point five one point six million people in in higher education. Somebody's got to try to set the tone besides empower Texans who are clearly not supportive of public education at all. Lieutenant governor I went through and I looked at percentages, which the Lieutenant governor one governor one in you one in November. Now, you didn't have democratic opponent, which I think speaks to the panhandle down into the basin that there wasn't an opponent. You did have libertarian opponent. What do you make of the Lieutenant governor running some eight points behind the governor in your district? The way I look at it is if the government got mostly Republican votes. I don't think there's a lot of crossover or things like that. It means that they're bunch of Republicans who did not vote down the ballot for Lieutenant governor and some other Republicans. And and I think a lot of those were educators. That's what educators tell me, and I represent all apart of eighty or ninety school districts. Local government officials are genuinely put out and we're some of my strongest supporters as you know, those folks don't exist the vacuum. They may not be many of them, but they talked to people, and and tell them what some of these measures are like. Okay. And whether they like..

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