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I was done. I understand that. I get that man cove Taught me that about a about my position right now without go about going out performing music. It's like When when we finally we will locked down for several months and then they find said you could do you know. We're opening up to restaurant gigs. And things like that and they're like. I don't need that anymore. I'm happy not doing it. I think i've you know. I've filled my fix of that. You know exactly. And that's when there was about six months. When i sat on with nothing to do and then fred willard wide. Mary called me up and she said what are you doing is on nano. She said you ought to join carroll. Moore's writer's workshop. It's called a pat on the back workshop and it was like a light went on in my head and i went. Yes i started the next day and it was the best thing i ever did because i learned a different graft about writing and criticizing or other writers in seeing what was good cold on saying what was good in other writers. What was bad in other writers and i stayed at all my plays. I have seven plays all of that were written in that in that workshop. While so you were playwright before you started writing books like i mean. It was. Stand up television playwright books. How did you make the transition from stand-up to writing for television was as somebody who saw. So you doing I know you mentioned you. Are you worked for normal. Norman lear at some point and i know you worked for fox. Tv can't candid camera type of show. That was on that had had you make that transition well nigh admi agents knew i happy on the road so they said you wanna try writing so the first writing gigs. They sent me out in the. They said we want you to go meet over to mardi frogs. And i said for why is just go. I said what's Go so i went on the show in a car. Kleinschmidt and ronny graham. Where the right of the head writers and we're talking and he's a want to see. My video tape showed him a videotape for my television. Stand up in god. You're funding is a banks. They said I said somebody. Please tell me what show this is. Carl said it's the brady bunch variety hour and just as he said that a little tiny nap fluid in front of my face. And i went like this and carl thought i was doing the three stooges data the delivers. Oh my god. I had the best times writing that third worst television show in the history of television. Roussel lunch terry hard We all we. Everybody on the staff was stone everybody. I'm showing the book again while we while we chat So it just occurs to me though you all net a lot. Yeah he's so funny because that's exactly what happened on the bucket current book out. I had it wrong. Actually i i was thinking. Take my prostate. Please was the most current book. The most current book is a memoir. Nobody i know that the that's not the calm got it wrong again. point of pines the most current book. Let me show that yes. I i'm not very Good with details like day. Go there you go a horrible childhood in a happy place now. I thought because. I don't know where i got this idea from that you watch. We've last before whether you were a new york guy long island guy something stupid. I'll tell you why you thought that way but because my childhood was so awful that when i got into show business i wanted to forget about where i came from and so when i was on television and they would ask me from i would say was from new york Okay i thought. I was gonna say i thought i am. Maybe be way off now that everybody's dead back there. I'm from boston right. What what is it about boston because you there are a hundred thousand really great comic act. That came out of at boston. What the hell is it about boston. It makes boston. There are also a thousand schools. There you know. There's a thousand colleges in boston. So you have a community of young people artists and so you have the audiences the young audiences and you have the young performers course now. All the boston comics hundred ninety years old. But that's i would either. But when i was in boston there is no comedy right. It was just tragedy As a matter of fact. I still can't find anything for me as a matter of fact. I was on the road with melissa manchester. And we were doing like the eastern seaboard coast in one of them was in framingham. Mass and i was looking. I was so looking forward. Now this this is a true story. The juicer. I was so looking forward to us to doing this because my hometown my family will come with. Friends will come no came not a single person not one. I'm standing on stage of looking at the audience. And i'm thinking is just like a bunch of old young people you know they're fat they don't have any style and then i was. I guess i must've said something like that. I got a heckler and the audience. And so i was going back and forth dagger having a great time twenty years later. I'm at a party at larry. quetzal on what's his first name. John larry gets out. Oh yeah and lenny. Clark is there any comes up to me. Hey do you remember me. Hackel jan framingham. Lenny clock is one of my all time favorites. He's up on On that list. And when i think of boston i am so. He's a great guy. he's really a great guy. I heard a story about him where somebody is hysterical. Somebody was heckling him from the audience and it ended up on a fight. He avenue fight with a guy while he's doing his act and continued doing his at while he was having a fist. Fight with this..

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