Demarcus Cousins, Alvin Alvin Robertson, Vernon Maxwell discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Somebody i'm gonna stand up for my own self for my turf here and then you just don't want to him to then do take it a step further there but demarcus cousins would who else is up there you know they're used to be crazy guys like alvin alvin robertson with the spurs nobody wanted a mess with him because they thought that he was actually crazy vernon maxwell would make you nervous a little bit run our test would make you nervous yongpil russell westbrook is too quick i could see him just dot in your eyes and getting out of there here but i don't know if he he knows how to fighter he looks like he could do any he could be an athlete in any sport but i i have no idea you're not thankfully hopefully we never see this but they're they're used to be like rick mahorn nobody messed with rick mahorn now if you just did this just didn't mess with rick mahorn charles oakley didn't mess with charles oakley but you don't have enforcers anymore because you can't afford to have that person on the floor anthony mason was a tough guy but now everybody's gotta position wants to shoot a three and you're a stretch four stretch five like you just can't have a guy goes out there and just pound you know he's gonna he's going to protect your star player you don't see that very often anymore yes mcglone that's right draymond is so valuable because he could be that guy and still hit a three.

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