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Them doing that while harper is clearly not quite right at the plate while the rotation is nick up the odds are not that great so i would say now if you're asking me to put money down on someone i would probably put money for any division any playoff race it put money down right now on whatever team is leading it even if i think as i do a healthy nats club is better now we're dealing with just mass there's not that many games left for teams to make up significant gaps in the standings it's why we think we know who the al playoff teams are probably going to be a why it looks like we have a pretty good idea who that an elderly winners are going to be yeah and you're talking about sample size in effect and now the national sort of shown who they are and i think that that also applies to bryce harper and i want to ask you about this i did a get up this morning talk to mike greenberg about what's going on with bryce harper and how he struggled a we've talked before about how he's been had such an inconsistent approach at the plate he's had his mechanics go off and he asked the question sir how are other teams potential bidders evaluating this this is going on foreign up for me that if i were in a front office i probably would have a difficult time recommending a deal in offer over three or four years because i'm beginning to wonder what you're going to buy i mean you and i both know he's going to do fine is a free agent not too many is former every p gonna hit the market at twenty six but the the walk strikeout numbers that we've talked about the the hitting mechanics there is so many so much there to be concerned about because if you're going to spend we've all been speculating a three hundred four million dollars you want a lebron james consistency you wanna mike brought out consistency you wanna joey votto consistency i see nothing consistent in his approach and i have no idea what he's going to give you in two thousand nine thousand nine or two thousand twenty if you were signed him to a major deal what do you think there's a direct comparison manny machado is hitting free agency the same charters had much more consistency over the course of his cruise really one sort of off season but you look underlying data the the bab hip in the pitched the tripe and data all said he was going to be fine and obviously he has has been fine serene to some bad luck last year that's not the case with harper machado also provides more defensive value plays a premium position which harper generally does not listen centerfield jesuits much career.

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