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Right direction in dealing with predatory Chinese practices, both economic and political. Well, how about with regard to Ukraine though with reports that they may be considering providing suicide drones to Russia, which would clearly be used in Ukraine. This might be something on the docket for these two to talk about. Maybe they know something ambassador. We need to prepare for this and I credit the Biden administration for having intelligence reports on this possibility and then threatening warning the Chinese don't do it. I suspect the Chinese will not do it. If, in fact, they do it. I believe it will be very important for the United States and our allies and partners to put serious sanctions on the Chinese. I think the Chinese do not want to worsen relations with Washington by sending weapons to Russia. We'll see. We should note on Thursday Schultz warned China not to arm Russia ahead of this meeting, expressing disappointment that Beijing was no longer willing to join in a quote clear condemnation of the Russian attack. We certainly saw that this week in the G 20 meeting ambassador. How much of a problem is that? Look, I mean, I welcome that statement. It's good that the Germans are taking a firm line with the Chinese. And again, I would credit The White House with helping move the Germans in that direction. Magic could come talk to us John herbs, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. Thank you, sir for being with us. He's now with the Atlantic council's Eurasia center. In fact, he is senior director. I want to get back to what we heard from Korean Jean Pierre today as we prepare to assemble the panel. Here's the press secretary at The White House talking about Biden Schultz. They first met when he became German Chancellor Early last year, I believe on February 7th. Soon after he clearly took office and they met here at The White House and over the past several years, they've seen each other at the margins of the G 7 and the summit in Germany at NATO at the G 20 summit and have talked by phone regularly. And so this is a clearly a relationship that has been that has been growing over the last year. There was some bodies. Rick Davis and Jeannie Chan xino join us, I'm happy to say on a Friday here on Bloomberg sound on. Bloomberg politics contributors in our signature panel. What do you think Rick, what's the significance of this meeting today and was it smart to have no news conference? No real public face to this event at all. Well, I definitely take it that it is a working visit in the sense that they don't really have an intention of making a big public harangue about it, but are have things to talk about. And I think we've heard from ambassador herpes about some of those topics are very important to the ongoing presence of the war in Ukraine. So it makes all sense to have that kind of a session and to follow up on the NATO conferences from last week and the visit. But I would say it is a little insulting that the Chancellor Schultz doesn't get a better reception from the Americans. No fancy dinner, no big press conference No bands. Here's a couple of cars in a good night. It's about all the guys getting on this trip. So hopefully that plays back home for him. And that maybe that's part of the dynamic of German politics to go here and work and not to play, but it does seem to be productive. And hopefully they can get on the same script. They certainly said they're on the same script, but I agree with ambassador herps. I think that script needs to be more aggressive. Yeah, well, okay, and that's another factor here too though, but about the communications Genie. Yeah, there's going to be some images of them in the Oval Office together. I'm not sure anybody cares. You couldn't even hear what they were saying on the reporter's shotgun mics in there. They're kind of looking at the floor. It's very serious tone. If you want to project unity, why not put them out there in the east room for a news conference? Yeah, I mean, people were describing it as unusual, perplexing. You know, almost a low key to a point of baffling and to Rick's point, you know, you have the, you have the Chancellor traveling with no press. We understand he's doing an interview with CNN that won't even air until Sunday. And so the big question is, of course, why? What is going on? And some of the speculation is, of course, that the Chancellor came over here to tell Biden that he's got to really watch the rhetoric ratcheting up in Congress and out of the administration with China that that is a real concern for Germany and the impact could be dramatic, but of course that is all speculation, but I would just note, you know, look at the op-ed that Peter baker of all people wrote in The New York Times the other day. There is decreasing support across the board for the effort in Ukraine in the ambassador made the good point is Biden risking under resourcing this war to the point where it is unwinnable because it is going to drag on too long. That is a big question as we start year two of this thing. What do you think of that idea, Rick? Did Olaf schulz come here with a message for Joe Biden? You know, he may have. I mean, he's been a pretty stalwart supporter of the Biden plan as it relates to the Ukraine. And maybe there are issues at home that are pushing him in a different direction. Certainly there was enormous confusion around this tank issue. And it didn't look good that the NATO forces and the United States couldn't get on the same page repeatedly. So maybe this is a session where they're just getting their messages and their actions aligned so that there's no more public look like there's a split in NATO. This is extremely important to zelensky that there's a unified Europe unified United States backing his effort in the war and any opening is exploited by the Russians and were in this instance. Rick and Ginny are with us on a Friday, it's Bloomberg sound on. Thanks for joining us here on Bloomberg radio. We also got news late today from The White House that I need to ask you both about. Not so much about the impact of this because it appears to be said and done. The president had a cancerous lesion removed, it was from his chest and this is just being disclosed a couple of weeks after the fact here on a Friday afternoon. This is basal cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer, his doctor Kevin O'Connor issued a letter saying

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