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Gosh no gosh. I hope that given the dna one two toddlers. So here's the thing. I want to direct people to an article. I read in zero hedge on somebody sent me the actual audio. It's this doctor. Hodkinson h. o. D. k. i. n. s. o. n. dr roger hodkinson speaking in alberta. He's i think he went to oxford or cambridge. He's a virologist who was a ceo of a biotech company and. he said that this is the biggest hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. He's ever seen he said that the social distancing and the mask is not effective and he said the pcr tests on he said this underlying this in neon does not give proof of a clinical infection. He said that is why people are panicked and that it is unscientific. Something he didn't. I don't know if you use unscientific but i highly recommend people listen firsthand to what dr roger hodge can set in alberta another person. Another doctor coming to that conclusion. Which york's is reported on and then buried never mentioned again. I'm worried for him and people are old like they start not caring anymore. You know a lot of times. They're just like forget it. I have some courage than i really worry about them. We got a lot of stuff for the patron fifteen i want. I have a little game i want. I want to solicit people's help on a few little games. I'd like to play. I skipped fair warning. The van halen album before diver down. So i'm gonna hit that. I always have a great sunday. Now that we've started my van halen tutorial and oh my gosh oh i have to please before we go out to lanny. Baby charles is here. He's healthy and strong and nursing. Well it was a home birth and her first in these krona times. Her seven year old is so happy to be a big brother. They're one year old. Labs sniffy loves to smell diapers and alert her when there needs to be a change maybe a little. Tmi there lanny. Paul is waiting on her hand and foot. These are great friends of the show. And it's exactly the kind of thing to keep their minds off of what's going out there in the real world and she wants to thank us for our thoughts and prayers so puppy very sweet together especially when i know somebody who got their puppy at the same time that the baby was born. It was a newborn puppy as well and the puppy and the baby there. Four years old now. But they've grown up from birth together and they're inseparable there like a bonded pair of bunnies like my increasing. Like what do you call it. A pass across the bunnies to be honest with you. They're very very close. And i have a spot the fallacy from cnn that we can play in.

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