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I'm a registered licensed Dietitian. My Co host this morning is Joanne right out who is also a registered and licensed Dietitian and today Joanna and I want to explore or the connection between many different chronic health problems and either having a gluten sensitivity or having the full blown genetic autoimmune disease called ILIAC disease. That's right and perhaps so you have seen all of the gluten free products in the grocery stores. You might be wondering what is the fuss about eating all those gluten grains and we hear that question. What is the fuss over gluten why all these gluten free three people right exactly and some people tend to think it's a fad and we'll address that and we'll debunk any myths that it's a fad today but before we start that conversation I want to sort of give you the brief description option or differences between Celia disease and gluten sensitivity and then I whilst also want to explain just briefly the similarities so when we talk about seal EAC disease as I mentioned earlier? It's a genetic condition so oh it typically runs in families. It's also an autoimmune disease so that means your body is attacking itself. Both of my children have seal EAC disease so if they get even chrome of gluten. Their body starts attacking their own intestinal Austin track. That's what's ILIAC disease does when we look at a gluten sensitivity. One of the differences is that your body doesn't attack itself. It attacks the gluten so I I think all the years that I was eating gluten Joanne before I figured out I have a gluten sensitivity and really and maybe you can relate. I was eating gluten at every step of the day. Yeah you know it was a Bagel for breakfast. It was maybe some fruit fruit and pretzels those little low fat pretzels for a snack. It was passed at dinner so I visualize then in my intestines by body attacking that gluten like it was a bad virus or a bad germ. That's all out war pretty much twenty twenty four seven in your gut it is that creates a lot of damage and inflammation so our big theme today is that whether you have ILIAC disease or a gluten sensitivity over time both of these conditions can lead to many of the same chronic health problems so they're right there. I explained similarity and a difference and I would say the other similarity besides the fact that both of these conditions can late lead to a lot of the same health problems. Is that the remedy for both of these conditions conditions is the same the remedy right to one hundred percent great health is a one hundred percent gluten free diet and I have to say to you know I mentioned I have two kids with ILIAC disease. I have a non Celia Gluten Gluten sensitivity as you all know also registered Dietitian so I have the perfect storm there for creating this passion for staying on top of all of the research and learning all I can about ILIAC disease and gluten sensitivities as and I'll tell you that's no easy feat. I feel like every week there's more research on the topic of ILIAC disease gluten sensitivity and often these conditions are being connected to a variety of different autoimmune immune disorders. That's right that's right and in fact the July Twenty nineteen issue of the Journal of American College of Nutrition published a study titled a Peptide from Kiwifruit exerts exerts anti inflammatory effects in Celia Disease New Cosa so that's a long drawn out way but to say that you know they are still researching and they're still finding things that are going to be helpful things in real food exactly so seal EAC disease is an immune mediated disease of the intestine that is triggered by gluten and what does that really mean. It's simply means that gluten causes the immune system to overreact and cause an inflammatory response or inflammatory might be any kind of aches and pains the study found that a peptide in green kiwifruit helps to reduce just that inflammation chuckle candidate very interesting and I love research. I just find it interesting the different topics that the researchers come up with I mean how do you think of that..

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