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On line so different sania some i have a website called for young dot com which i have to update but for his dot com was mine attempts at trying to create a set of links for almighty retype boundaries my individual zayn shops the classical larger design jobs as well as keep tabs on in my colleagues in various schools of higher learning i have to update it but i think for jim dot com might actually be a good source for for designers looking to get inspiration from global collection of people so policies of links to broken it's going to be updated soon but i think that's by one of the better indications of what i'm interested in us who think that played pretty soon on there's a lot of work that's going to be out in august of this year from abon that i think will be will be pretty easy to see all right sounds good will forest john thank you so much for coming on the show there's so much that you talked about and covered i really don't even know where to start using when i wrap up these these interviews i say oh well we talked about this this this i mean we talk about everything from mesh networks to critique at design schools and everything it really is is i think i think people can really tell that you're very passionate about design not just where it's at but where it can go into the future of course you teach a course on future design but i can tell that with the work that you're doing wolf olins that you're really trying to push not just designed for but just push like the culture and the language of design forward into you know kind of this new era so i really appreciate the work that you're doing and thank you for coming on the show an absolute pleasure murray's thank you me and that's it for this week big thanks to force young and thanks to you for listening you could find out more about forest and his work for the links and the show notes at revision cast dot com also thanks as always to our sponsors facebook design glitch design and meal chip facebook designers work on creative products that are used by.

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