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To five five to join this conversation so then jim week. I kinda scathing column from joan monarchy in the boston globe saying that this was genius to lose and she lost it. Do you agree with that assessment. I do i think A couple of things. I didn't say before by the way the double thumb michelle wu and niece. Sab george had the same platform by by. No means are quite different. But on the on and kim genie i think that is borne out by the pulse I believe that she was doing better in the polls before. And indi- said the suffered some decline. You can also see in the district's in which she won and where she didn't place his highly as she might when one would have thought she might given the fact that she was acting mayor. I think there are a number of missed opportunities for her. Outside of her own core constituent bates in that is some of the conversations about a vaccine passports. I think frankly one of the things that stood out for me. That was really amazing. Was during one of the debate. She noted that fifty seven percent on time Bus performance was something to To brag about in the radio. Boston special episode. Just kind of go ahead and throw that in there. And i would say that. That's anybody who follows basketball northern knows if anybody who brags about fifty seven percent free throw percentage is shouldn't be bragging and that's how i felt when i watched just it didn't seem that she was connected to the issues in the way that same. Michelle woo was were injured. Campbell or in necessay of george so murray francis this other thing that has been on my mind. And i'm going to play some sound from michael curry the former boss. Nwc ep chair now head of the massachusetts league of community health centers. He was talking. You are this week. There's a lot in here that we could talk about but my emphasis in this moment is on the first line. All of the candidates in this race was super talented But it also means that communities that are looking to break the glass ceiling avenue. African american mayor will need to organize and be more consolidated in their approach. When this race has done john barrows will no longer be in service to the city..

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