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Weather day. Strong cold front this morning drops our temperatures from the sixties in the morning to the fifties in the afternoon. We'll get heavy rain this morning could be an interest celebration and also some gusty winds the winds could guess the thirty miles an hour a little more potentially in the rich and metro for tomorrow should be dry. Forty two degrees with partly sunny skies from NBC twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven forty WNBA. Now ninety six point one FM. From the piersonhonda dot com weather center. Rain in fifty nine amid Lowthian NewsRadio. RV time is seven out of ten. President Trump postponing his state of the union speech until after the government reopens the surprise move came. After Trump Nancy Pelosi sparred throughout the day. She disinvited him from speaking. We just found out that she's canceled. It I think that's a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love clothes. She doesn't want the American public to what's going on. She's afraid of the truth. Trump tweeting last night. I am not looking for an alternative venue for the state of the union because there is no venue. They can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber Trump, adding that he'll give a great state of the union address in the near future within the hour. Pelosi responded on Twitter, I hope by saying near future. You mean, you will support the house pass package to end the shutdown that the Senate will vote on ABC's, Dave Packer. The Senate set to vote today in two competing bills to reopen. The government a democrat plan reopens agencies through February eighth while a Republican plan includes five point seven billion for a border wall. Neither Bill is expected to get the sixty votes necessary. Michael Cohen, postponing his appearance before congress next month, citing threats from President Trump. Trump responding by saying Cohen has only been threatened by the truth. The president on Fox News recently making a veil comment about Cohen's father-in-law from your crane who pleaded guilty to financial crimes years. Ago. Give information may be on his father-in-law because that's the one that people wanna look at Chesterfield's board of supervisors voting quickly. This went five precincts following problems on election day. The county facing a February first deadline the nanomedicine vote to split the janitorial iron bridge, skin quarter, south side and Winfrey's store. Precincts follows a county report on crowding problems the attract precinct will not be divided. But the voting location is moving to Virginia state university from Edrich elementary in federal court choosing a house redistricting map, the could help Democrats take control of the house of delegates. The court ordering a university of California professor to finalize the boundary lines. The judges preferred a Florida man who was training to be a correctional officer accused of killing five people inside a Bank in the town of c- bring about eighty miles south of Orlando police chief today, it's been a.

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