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He Evanston city council will vote tonight on the future of historic mansion along the lakefront at the CDC issues a warning about eating raw cookie dough sports Josh list. Good morning, the bears bullied the Rams into submission more from our morning interview with coach Matt Nagy coming up Lee Smith and Harold Baines are hall of famers bulls players. Nearly boycott a practice host Sacramento tonight. More Forty-five W B B M business. The Dow is down one hundred forty two point five thirty four today. CBS news update new numbers on summer campers. Who've been sexually abused CBS's. Girija Dunkin has learned at least five hundred seventy eight have reported misconduct since the nineteen sixty advocates. Tell us that the real number of abuse cases is likely much higher. Since many are never reported. We spoke with a woman who son accused a camp counselor of abusing him back in two thousand nine woman's son came home from camp, she says a change child. He was not the happy. Go lucky little boy that loved to play outside. He was totally different. He just wanted to lay on the couch. You told us psychologist a counselor had put a hand off his towel and molested him. Rica Duncan reached out to the camps administrators camp declined an on camera interview. But sent CBS this morning. A statement saying they're proud of what they describe as they're safe outstanding summer camp experience, they say they remain heartbroken over this campers two thousand nine experience are no national regulations. CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez portion of the news pasta by all chocolate kitchens. Primeau WBZ news time nine thirty to work to reconstruct the exchange where the Ryan Eisenhower and Kennedy expressways come together. It's going to take much longer than I expected some four hundred thousand vehicles a day pass through the Jane burn interchange, reconstruction work on it was supposed to have been finished next year. Now, the targeted date is twenty twenty two three years longer. I doubt region. One engineer. Anthony quickly says the reconstruction project is really many projects in one. What we have to me. Who struck the whole Quigley credits. Motorists for adapting to each phase of the project either by using alternate routes or by taking public transportation in the end. I that says the idea is to reduce traffic congestion, Bernie, foia, NewsRadio on what? Oh, five point nine FM manager covering this morning after being shot while campaigning for a candidate in the race. For Chicago city council ahead is even a knocking doors in the fifteenth war Maxwell on the wall aged Justice was going door to door in the west Englewood neighborhood on behalf of fifteenth. Ward alderman candidate Joseph Williams, who's challenging incumbent reload. Pez he was streaming the experience and Facebook live yesterday afternoon when a man in a red mask shot him in the leg near sixty sixth in Marshfield, the video ends Justice. You were shot Justice drove himself to a little company of Mary hospital where he was treated and released Williams said the shooting is just the type of thing. He's campaigning to stop alderman. Lopez calls the shooting unacceptable, rob heart NewsRadio. On one zero five point nine FM. The Evanston city council essential vote tonight on the future of the historic Harley. Clark mansion alderman will decide whether to hear an appeal of the preservation conditions October rejection of the city's application to demolish the landmark protected structure last month voters approved an advisory referendum Nicole for the mansion to be saved if it's done at minimal or no cost to taxpayers. WBZ? News time nine thirty four. President Trump's defending payments is former lawyer made to women during the two thousand sixteen campaign. Federal prosecutors said Friday Michael Cohen acted at Donald Trump's direction in brokering the deals to stop the women from going public about their alleged affairs with Trump saying Cohen intended to influence the election this morning. The president says the payments, which he'd I denied knowing about where a simple private transaction. And adds if there was any wrongdoing, it's Coen's liability. Not his the president's argued the. Payments were not campaign contributions because they involved his own money and not campaign funds. But federal law requires any payments made for purposes of influencing an election must be disclosed saga megani? Washington holiday, bakers, tasters, beware. Saying cookie monster this month. Okay. Get your fingers out of the show. The CDC is warning. It can make you sick. Health officials say raw flour and eggs can cause life threatening diseases like E coli two years ago, sixty three people got sick. And an outbreak linked to raw flour which isn't treated to kill E coli and other.

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