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Or if you're a patreon member of mine for you get this right now you can log Loaded. It's right there for you for the taking so go check it out and definitely watch Apple music TV with friends. It makes it so much better. We really didn't have a good time. It was really fun chatting with a guy while we were all watching the same thing cuz we can't be like, oh we're seeing the same video at the same time. How many of you watched it again after that day me? Okay. I watched it for like about 5 minutes. We can talk in the post show a little bit more and like I'm starting to have a little bit of an addiction and maybe it's like Nostalgia is getting to me. But all right. Yeah. Yeah Patrick Norton. I don't know how much I know. You're a very busy man these days. What's new with you? Oh my goodness. Well, the best place to find out is either follow me on Twitter at at Patrick Norton or head over to AV or Rodger Ebert Rodger Robert Herron, and I sorry I was Rodger popped up in Skype Robert Heron and I talked about Home Theater and Audio and all the good headphone he stuff and if you have a question about home theater audio do you age Or ask at the Excel, and I will email you back and answer. Hey patrons. Did you know your ad free RSS feed can have just DT NS or just good day internet or both check your tear on patreon to see if it says d t and SGI or all and if you want to change change your tear and then the next episode you get you don't even have to change. Your RSS feeds will be whatever you changed it to you can check that all out of Daily Tech news show. We are live Monday through Friday 4:30 p.m. Eastern 20-30 UTC. Thanks to everybody who just live always good to have you you can find out more at Daily Tech news show. Com slash live and we'll be back on.

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