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Of course, if you hearing me tonight you've already done that. Does that say you gotta listen to us. Getting any pass me right now. Sharpe's attack. Bumped up. Fortunately, I'm the thumb part. Five twelve and you are on. Say I was a little fired up to start the night house. That's something happened before the game. I don't know why we're gonna get into this later. Not sure there's a Katcher therapist big enough five twelve remaining it's a three nothing Washington lead blues. Win the draw reaching for was Schwartz. And this one gets played out is by Washington, and it's going to slow down. And be waved off. You know, you get mesmerized a little bit too in the preseason. They had to be careful for when you watch out. Certain guys are playing is some of those early games you're going because you realize you might be planning it's one or two lines. He's a capital's work it in a shooting on save made by Johnson in a cover the puck up. When you get to these final, greedy. And and sometimes in that last game. I don't anticipate to capitol seeing this full of a squad on Sunday in Washington. You know, but but at the same time. Then you get a little better idea. Exactly. We're yet when you're playing against a team that's got a little more skilled their regular skill. No. You do. And I think guys like Sammy play and proper Thomas is the game has dropped off a bit for them here tonight. And when you're playing against premier and this is the Stanley Cup champion is the team that's to be beat this year. This is the team everyone thinks is going to repeat. And so when you when you mash that talion mass that skill out there at the game does change a little bit. Blue's win the draw. Portraying Gelo jumps it out of the zone. Sit in maroon after it in the corner. Patrick maroon started last season with the Edmonton Oilers ended with the New Jersey Devils, here's a shopper patrol. Angelo, put on save is made fired bio Riley and another saved by Copley us face thirty seven shots tonight and stopped all of them, and he has been good. He's looking to become the backup this year. Mitch corner. Former goaltending coach the blues made the trade and got Copley as part of the deal talked about how much he liked Copley in the future that he has in his business and sport. One of their best prospects. Well, they got Copley back. In a trade. And now he's putting up thirty nine save shutout right now on the blues. Three forty seven to go in the third. Here's David perran. Trying to work the puck off the wall. Threads it in front. Ron gets back to it. Break down the right wing pushed it into the corner. He can tolerate. He's got it all on the nearside off of Schwartz at bounce lose Baronne digging in Peron Bosak. Schwartz and the puck goes over into the corner. Ex-team still on the bench. Thank you still shaking off that block shot to the right off the boot. He also got hit in the chin here in the offensive zone. A couple of shifts on which one was do use a player that I you know, what I don't need to see another preseason game to be honest with you I hope for the regular season. I agree smart enough. You'll get no that's us up here in the booth play up to the blue line Edmonson last year. Ends up with a broken thumb because of that slash from. Roussell in Dallas. And I mean took half a season to recover. These force it in front Bosak put it on save me by Copley and the puck clear down ice by Washington. But it's gonna angle and stop just over the goal line while I think even portrayal saying, I think you could have. To thirty four to go. You could wave that. I'm going to let that one go. Vladimir Tarasenko looking up to the stars. After that chance. Great great opportunity comes off the band's gossipy coming down that left wing and just tethers right to the blue pain. We talk about all time Bosak boxes Brooks or pick out and gets a great opportunity, but they don't have an answer for this Copley tonight. To thirty four to go blues had hit forty shots on net. Full two minute. Well, minute fifty six five one three and did not score on. They've got the goaltender pulled. Now. Johnson's on the bench lose a work this up for a little while. Here's a long shot blocked in front all that sent Carlson's at seventy four. No that seventy two down to the ice. That's Travis Boyd capitals taken into the blue zone where there's an empty net. Boys going to get to the bench and fly over and not be able to put any pressure on his left leg. Here's rhino, right. Right up the middle. Say again by Copley as forty first said the hockey game. Jonah Lille send it into the blues zone. Wrong side of the red line and the linesman over on the far side waves off icing. He gets it. Here. Looking for Stevenson done in behind the net. Put that pass into the skates. Jay schwartz. Love refer John mad- do one hockey fan. Here's Schwartz in on Carlson. It squirts loose. Stevenson gets around O'Reilly onto his back into the empty net. He gets hooked. But he puts it in an empty net goal will make it.

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