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And Crawford is in the second with a double. That gives him six R B eyes. The Giants have three different hitters with six R B eyes in this game indeed, and a 20 to 2 lead at that point. And three hitters with six R B eyes in the same game that is a major league record. It had never been done before. Until tonight, the first of September 2020 In the year of the pandemic, Jax would get one more run when Du Bon hit a double bringing Crawford home and that point it was a 23 to 2 lead for the Giants, and the final would be 23 to 5. Giants. They equal the all time San Francisco Giants records with 23 runs on 27 hits the old New York Giants before they came to And brought major league baseball to the West Coast with the Dodgers had had a game with 26 runs our way back when And back in the 19th century, The New York Giants had a game with 29 runs in 18 87 those of the all time Giants franchise records. So the Giants win it 23 to 5. Gausman gets the win, and now they've got another ballgame and think truly, to turn this into something special. I need a win tomorrow as they would head home, but they'll be up against the Rockies best. The left hander Kyle Friedland, who helped the Rockies beat the Giants back in August, the last time the jacks were in town. That was on the sixth of August and Friedland got the best of Tyler Anderson. The Iraqis got to the Giantsbullpen. Late in the game, The Giants put three runs on the board against Friedland and actually had the lead against him. Until the Rockies made a comeback with a big seventh inning rally in that game, so we'll see how it turns out tomorrow. Logan Webb, who gotta win in Denver, the only Giants win the last time they were there back in August, the fifth We'll go for the Giants 12 11th pitch by the way that we want to go now for the hit of the game. And I think we will have to go with Dickerson's third home run first three homer game of his career. And with that hit, Alex Dickerson will pick up a $100 gift card from Pig in a pickle..

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