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Well, let's give some credit Brad Stevens and the Celtics coaching staff or switching things up in game three he's talked about Mark Mart was on them You know they started smart their best defender by a mile. At least at the perimeter position Andreevich on the Dragon and then Kemba okay you cover crowder. We're not too worried about that. It's not like they're going to be posting up Jae crowder and if they do that's a win for us but you're right smartest. He helped neutralize the dragon that was and we've been talking and talking and talking Fiba Dragons. This guy's been amazing all bubble along this from what I can remember one of his worst game since we've got down to Disneyworld trae where he had eleven points just to attend shooting but also the five turnovers because smart was all. Up and I thought that was obviously a huge adjustment by the Celtics to be like well, whose really killing us here. Yeah. Lot of Ban, side pick and rolls that hurt us in game two. Jimmy, is taking over times even the shooter's like Hero Duncan Robson. We've got some good looks at times but draw, which is the one that's sort of leading the way here and keeping them in games half the time let's try and take him out and they did a great job. It was about neutralising the head of the snake and they did such a good job with Marcus smart. Providing the ball pressure and then the big guys weren't necessarily in a drop coverage they were just kind of coming up to the level of the. Screen and streaming out. So it just takes a little bit longer to get into your offense it really through the heat off and the physicality of the Celtics as well. Plan that style of defense to make it, make it like the light the heat have for the Celtics just making a tough to move around on the court. It was just not as much freedom of movement. Every shot seemed a little bit more contested on behalf of the Celtics and it was just an impressive performance from start to basically finish. Yeah Gordon. Hayward to. Let's talk about him returning after missing a month. Lee was sprained right ankle. Now look at the box score. If you didn't watch the game, you're like what a Gordon Hayward at six points played thirty minutes I guess that's good that he played that many but he had an immediate impact. I, thought because we had talked about it train I especially like he's a playmaker, he might be their best playmaker on the Celtics and just having a melt there. It opens things up a little bit more right away nice bounce pass to Thais. For a dunk in the first quarter and again, only six points. But I, thought he was instrumental in ultimately the victory. Yeah. His presence on the court just change things. I think for Boston like he gave them a steady hand another option, and for Brad Stevens, he's had to dive into his bench little bit and had some of those are a little less reliable to have Gordon Hayward come out. That is just like it's gold for him. It's like great. We can have. Gordon Hayward come out play thirty one good minutes. You know that he's the Guy who can give you twenty five points, but he's also not that sort of a selfish player worries like I need to score straight away. He's happy to sort of slot back in there and do what's needed and I just think that's now such a big important factor because coming off an ankle injury and I come in coming in I don't believe he said there was going to be any sort of minutes restriction and he didn't look like he was rusty at all. He looked tired I thought. Gassed as the game went on a little. Bit Yeah, but he didn't look like he was lacking Polish like he must have been working pretty odd and he's ready ready to go. But I mean trying to get your game legs back. So it's time but again, thirty minutes. That's almost like a full game for for a lot of players but if he keeps coming off the bench and I Suspect he will I mean a luxury for Brad? Stevens? NATTA. Have that God comeback into your series Roy when you need it right after you play good game now they've got three days off as well to rest. So that's That's good. I think for the Celtics. That they won this game they won it convincingly and now they get a chance to. So of Guy Okay let's Let's get back on track and hit him again on Wednesday Realize. It had been five weeks since this guy? Played. Much more recently that he was around but he's just a stabilizing influence somebody else who's GonNa make the right play and he's tall like they're just helps having another guy out there who six, seven, six eight to help defensively and make plays when you need to and I wish was here because he kept bringing it up I. Guess Gordon Hayward is not GonNa be leaving new bubble when his wife Robin has their fourth child. Did you see those reports? He's not no surprise. He's not gonNA leave. Yes. Obviously putting all this effort to get back in there, and now is back on the floor. She's do I guess like basically any day? I think end of the month. So he would then have to leave again and quarantining could just completely miss the rest of the season from Celtics. But he says he's not going to do that I guess is that the case of the fourth child is that.

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