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In, uh Purchase your tickets up front for 40 bucks, but per per car. So you gotta really kind of loaded up with with with with your bubbles in there. Yeah, It's kind of a one way, Teo. You know, everyone's looking for Teo get out safely. And, you know, we talked in the past about how driving they're making a comeback, and they're just trying to keep this this one at Lincoln Yards busy. Okay, That's a 13 97 Westworld, Bansi and more on that at Black Club Chicago on the website. They're black club, Chicago dot org's Let's talk about central camera. What a great historic 121 year old business on South Wabash, and Of course, it was destroyed when we had the the looting a while back, and it's coming back, though, isn't it? It's coming back. This is one of those stores that I feel like everyone in the area has driven by or walked by would recognize the sign that's got a big green neon sign in central camera. It's been there since been there since 18 99. As the sign says, it's coming back it really it really got not just looted and burned. But the owner don flesh said there are significant structural damage as well. So they are. They're busy rebuilding it, but He's uh he's taking over the spot right next door to it. They're going to do Ah, temporary store until he can get the main main location back up and running, But he had a real big boost from just from Chicago. And once once the store burned down, some folks put up a go fund the forum in the brought in more than $200,000. So between that and the insurance, they're going to get the store back to how it was maybe even better. The big Neon sign survived. So so? So that all look the same. But he has no the guy that we've been known to place done flesh. He really, you know, he took to social media after happened And you know, he didn't. Uh, the interesting part of was he didn't say. You know what was me This is terrible. Could you do this? Hey, just kind of took its stride and said, Hey, look, listen. The loss of business doesn't compare to the loss of George Floyd's life. Um and countless other black lives lost and and that, really, you know that he sort of set that tone like, Listen, This is property. This is a human life, and people responded to that so great attitude. He refused to get angry. He had every right to be mad and and he wasn't so good for them and arrange for Central Camera, Chicago Treasure. And finally Jarvis Square expanded out there. Dining and Rogers Parks got to be happy about this. Yes, I know. It's been a mixed bag. You know, we're fascinated with these, uh, the idea of shutting down streets some some even busy streets toe let the restaurants on that block expanded in the street. They done it in 10 spots around the city with varying degrees of success. You know, it's obviously all weather related, but The one on Jarvis. This is, uh, this is right west of Jervis. L stop in Rogers Park, and they set it up and, you know, the only difference between this one of the other ones is that they left one lane of traffic open and Jarvis. Generous isn't a real, You know, it's not a real wide street. So you've got all these tables on half the street and then you've got cars kind of flying by on the other side of the street and no one's happy about it our way we found out about this fire. Rogers Park reporter Jo Ward was out there and, you know he's dining out at one of the things that these cars were just flying by in all, of all, the diners were kind of freaked out like one car door away from taking out four tables here and so, Yeah, so they you know, the business owners say other they're scared of their diners are scared. We talked to the local cops are like, Yeah, This is an ideal. We're going to try to work on it. You know, Part of it was they wanted to keep Ah, pathway open for emergency vehicles, but I think there's gonna be some changes on this one. Because, you know, really like, if you're going to die in the middle of street, you need some sort of, uh, assurance that you're not going to get run over by a truck? Yeah, I would hope so Well, to be continued, seems to me and it's black club, Chicago dot org's firm or thanks, doctor tomorrow. Okay, thanks and on the line right now, it's Kelly Mickley of executive green carpet cleaning Scotland's premier covered cleaning company sponsoring this Good morning, Kelly. Good morning. How are you? Well, I'm about 80% this morning and ah, your Ah, announcements here say that your company thoroughly scrubs and agitates carpeting a step other cover cleaners. Neglect. Ah, Why is it so important? Yes, Education is so important. So in our industry, there's something called the cleaning pie, which is broken down into four parts. It's time agitation, cleaning solutions and temperature. If you skip any of those four parts of the pie, you're missing 25% of the job. The education When washing anything is super important. Whether it's your car, your hands, the dishes and the key part of our cleaning process when we're in your home on the step most cleaners miss. Unfortunately. But when scrubbing will you the machine with counter rotating brushes, which is approved by the carpet mills, so it will not avoid your carpet warranty we preach. We pre spray with the soap free solution. Then we scrub in the priest grade to agitate. Loosen the soil and proper dwell. Time is allowed, but we set up for the extraction process. Using the world's most powerful.

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