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The bulk of the commute but it sure was a rough morning a semi truck slammed into the back of a pickup hauling trailer this morning in smoky point the southbound lanes of the freeway were closed for more than two hours in the backup stretched more than five miles at one point the accident happened in the construction zone so traffic was already slowing for that but the semi driver apparently did not slow down police say slammed into the back of a truck and trailer francis federico with dot tells komo they had lanes blocked for a project pavement and concrete projects require dry warm weather in that automatically limits our window for work in this particular part of the country we do our best to try to limit work to overnight two weekends when we're not disrupting as many commuters to people had to be taken out of the pickup truck they were trapped but were expected to survive one hundred gallons of diesel fuel also spilled onto the interstate from the semitruck ash plumes rose twelve thousand feet it's kill away on hawaii's big island continues to erupt and that may have you wondering about active volcanoes here in washington komo's sue romero tells us according to local volcano experts we don't need to worry for now liz westby with the us geological survey in vancouver washington helps monitor the social media feeds for the us gs and the one thing she keeps hearing they want to know what's happening in hawaii and could that happen here to answer that question she says it helps to go back to what you might have learned when you were a kid about tectonic plates mount saint helens and mount ranier part of the cascade ranger on one plate hawaii is on another so they are not connected the answer is we have a different tectonic regime and we can have an eruption here in the cascade but it would look different than what it looks like in hawaii she says there are volcanoes are not directly affected by way possible that we will experience in a rupture in in our lifetime and it's also possible that we won't it it really just depends on what the volcano wants to do romero komo news a ordering quicker inspections of boeing seven thirtyseven engine fan blades with the hopes of avoiding another tragedy like what happened last month on south west airlines flight abc's alex stone with details concerns about microscopic cracks.

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