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So the so the thing. That's why i'm disappointed. Listening to eric bischoff. Because then i'm like so. It's ratings this course this socks this this this. This is bad but no he continues. He continues to say and he says this he says it keeps talking. This is this is the thing that got me because he was listening to an interview. That that tony kahn. He was listening to it. Live and he said that he heard and listened to it. Previously right this to get his spontaneous ferrick. We know you listen to it before you can only car you can. Only you can only work. You can only work the mark so far before they start catching before the start understanding the griff here eric. So so he's so they're listening to tony. Kahn gave an interview. I think it was on busted. Open and tony. Kahn says this. And this is the thing that got eric. Bischoff air he says or he tweets out look fuck. It doesn't matter. But g k is quoted as saying if ted turner from wcw read back in the day of ted turner. New one percent. About what i know about what i do about professional wrestling. Wcw would still be in business. And this is what. Eric bishop bischoff got heated at. This is what the grinded his years. This is what he this is what he went off on. He took or as he said took umbrage to and he started questioning. Would what does what does tony know about ted turner. How does he know what ted turner knew about wrestling or not. And if i were to call to turn her son i to ask them. You know be ridiculous. What eric bischoff did. Tk taking a shot. I ted turner who within r- even remotely involved with wrestling anymore. Do at this. tony. Kahn doing the wrestling promoter. Shit doing the act calling people out saying i'm better than the guys back. Then this is what got us. This is what got our bischoff and then it became weird because then it turned into eric. Bischoff defending ted turner in twenty. Twenty one on a podcast. The what what did i just fall into. Some kind of weird will of mixed up timelines. Why would ever get mad at that at this stage. And then eric starts going. Well a you know. If he had read guy evans book which he should pick up a copy and read he know about what is.

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